Film Genres

The box office may not embrace movies of every genre, but we do.

You’re a filmmaker. You have divergent tastes from the mainstream. We get it. And we want you. We want to foster a creative community of filmmakers from extremely different backgrounds. That’s what makes movies awesome, right?

Good. I’m glad we can all agree on that. This could have been awkward if you just wanted to just remake old movies.

We want the world to hear what you have to say. We want you to stand up and say what’s on you mind.

Our primary goal is to help you, plain and simple. We want you to succeed because then we’ve succeeded at helping you succeed. Go it? No? It’s simple. Succeed. There. You get it now.


Part of your success is working in the genre where you feel most comfortable. Which is why we have connections in every corner of the industry. If you want to make thought provoking documentaries about the nature of existence, or if you want to make a flick about a time-traveling unicorn that battles an axe murderer and an anthropomorphic tape deck, we can help.

We support the production of shorts, pilots, features, and documentaries. We want you to make stories that you’re passionate about. We want you to make stories in the genre you want to make them in. We want you to buck trends and tap into a zeitgeist. We want you to make the film you want to make.

The world is a diverse place. Film should be, too.

1) Documentary

It’s a rare day when the box office embraces a documentary. But that shouldn’t stop you from creating one. Science fiction didn’t really make money until Star Wars and Planet of the Apes came along, right? There’s always going to be a first. Someone who is willing to stick their neck out and go where no one’s gone before. We have the connections to assist you in making the documentary that you’ve always wanted to make.

2) Horror

The horror genre is alive and kicking these days. If you’ve got an idea for the next great slasher franchise, we wanna help you make it. We understand how hard making movies is. We understand that it’s difficult to find people that are as pumped about your idea as you are. Well, look no further. We can’t wait to help you make The Bloody Papercut Massacre a household name.

3) Action

Every big action star needs their big break, right? Every Jean-Claude Van Damme needs a Breakin’ to get their career going. Why couldn’t it be your movie? You’ve got the next blockbuster action franchise on paper. Your script is tight and your ideas are brilliant. We’ve got the connections to help you track down your star and bring your idea to life.

4) Suspense

Foreign intrigue, secret meetings, and envelopes with the words ‘Top Secret’ stamped across them. Great suspense movie have these elements and more. But you’ll need help since there’s only so far you can get by yourself. Filmmaking is a collaborative medium. We understand that you need help, and we want to help you. Let us be your ‘Top Secret’ envelope. Let us make things easier for you.

5) Romantic Comedy

Every great love story starts somewhere, usually in the most ordinary of places. But what about the love affair that the public is going to have once they’ve seen your film? Well that’s going to be one for the ages. It’s important to have your love story rooted in reality. And what better reality is there than the American Dream? You becoming America’s sweetheart because of your amazing film? That sounds like a good match to us.

6) Drama

Whether it’s in a courtroom, an empty warehouse, or a classroom, the best dramatic films always have somebody beating their fist on a table and yelling. You kinda can’t have a dramatic movie without the swelling violins and the beating of the fists. Does your movie have that? Good. Then we can totally help you make it. Let’s get to work on creating the next great drama since A Few Good Men.

7) Shorts

The movie business isn’t an easy one to break into or try new and interesting things in. But that’s what we’re here for. We understand how hard it can be to get people to believe in what you’re doing. We’re on your side. Theatrical shorts have been dead for a long time. Nobody makes them. Nobody shows them. But wait! Pixar does. Boom! There you have it. Trend bucked. Door open. If you want to re-invent the short film, we can help you.


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