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Film Schools are incredibly expensive. They just are. And most of them don’t even help you make any business contacts or gain any real world experience.

Consider the following, most film schools run from around $50,000 to $100,000. That’s the budget of an independent feature. If everyone took the money that they were going to use to go to film school and made a feature instead the world would be a very different place. You’d be living in a country where we got more than just Clerks and Slackers. Maybe there’d be ten movies like Clerks a year. How insane would that be?

The Film Connection puts you to work in a real production studio, pays for your books and supplemental materials, keeps you trained under the watchful eye of a mentor, helps you write a screenplay, and enables you to film proof of concept sequences so that when you show your idea to an agent they can clearly see what you’re talking about. All this for under 10k. That’s right. One tenth of the amount of money that other film schools want. We roll deep like that.

Those other film schools don’t help you connect, don’t help you gain experience and don’t prepare you for the real world. The Film Connection does. The Film Connection makes sure you’re able to really become the filmmaker you want to be.

Other film schools are primarily only trading on their name. They’re really just institutions. They don’t provide any real credibility other than “oh, I went to the same place that other filmmaker went to”. Their programs and curriculums are outdated and you’re being taught by has-beens at best. ‘Those who can’t do, teach’, right?

In The Film Connection you’ll only be learning from people who know what they’re doing. You’ll only be learning from working professionals. That puts us a cut above the rest.