Checking in with Film Connection Graduate Korey Hehn

While there is no single, right way to break into the film industry there are countless ways to not make it at all. In the Film Connection students see for themselves how competitive the film industry really can be while being sheltered from some of its consequences for poor production. In this environment we find students do much more than learn about the industry. Here we provide an opportunity for students to find a part, or at least a starting point, for what direction they would like their careers to go. Our students have a unique environment to find their own inter-voice and personal talents, learned from working professional productions with industry professionals.

“As I progressed, the one thing I learned that was most useful was… Working with a lot of the different clients. It was a lot of fun, I was able to figure out through the Film Connection what I want to do which is work with people and film… Progressing, I was just able to grow and work with clients and learn how to speak with them and see what they want done efficiently and the way they wanted it. It was interesting because you had to bring a lot to the project, especially for these really small commercials and things like that. They’re really expecting you to do all the creativity and they’ll throw in a few things so you have to find that balance to make them happy but also learn that you have a lot of leeway to shape your own creative view.”

Korey Hehn, Princeville, OR

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