Growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Trey Alexander always wanted to be in radio, and later, in TV. In fact, he wanted it enough to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career. That’s where he met Film Connection president James Petulla

Along the way Trey did go to college — but going to college didn’t get him into the entertainment business. It was on-the-job training that did it.

“Having experienced it first hand, I know the Entertainment Connection externship training method really works,” Trey explains.

Once Trey entered the Film Connection program, Petulla opened several doors for him, which eventually led to a stint as a Correspondent on Trey interviewed a laundry list of celebrities, from Kevin Bacon to Eddie Murphy.

Currently Trey can be seen on E!’s Entertainment Television, still interviewing Hollywood’s royalty.

Also during this time, Trey has appeared in TV shows like C.S.I. and Providence. And he worked as a political and business Correspondent for Reuters.

Trey has also moved into the film world. He acted as Executive Producer on a documentary about Elvis and the Memphis Mafia entitled “All The Kings Men.”

Recently the movie production company he started, Go Time Films, produced their first film: “Dueces.” Trey produced it and has one of the starring roles.

Trey’s latest venture is a new film production company, Ride The Rail Entertainment, which will soon be shooting a movie called “Under The Skin.” “The script was a top 10 finisher at Project Greenlight, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s screenwriting competition,” enthuses Trey. “It’s very dark, very exciting.”

Looking back on a Entertainment that’s already impressive for someone so young, Trey reflects on how he got to where he is today.

“College was great,” says Trey, “but it had nothing to do with my work in the entertainment industry. It’s all about just getting in there and doing it. That’s why the Film Connection method works so well: You get right to the work, and make those crucial connections within the business.”

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