Can I Keep my Day Job?

Can I keep my day job while I go to your Film School Alternative?

This is a question we hear frequently. We realize many people are trying to work their education around a job, which is why we’ve designed our film school alternative course to be both affordable and flexible. If you compare film schools, you will see that the Film Connection is a great value. Not only is our Film School Alternative among the most attractive financially, but because we have mentors in most major cities in the U.S., you don’t have to pay any relocation costs. Additionally, because you are attending the Film Connection Film School Alternative as a private student with one-on-one training from your assigned mentor (a working professional in the film discipline of your choice), there is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scheduling your classes. Of course, your chances of success improve greatly the more time you put into the program.

So, if you’ve put off following your dream of being a filmmaker because you thought you couldn’t afford it, or didn’t want to gamble losing your job while you followed the dream, the Film Connection is your best solution. Best of all, we have several different film school alternative financing options that won’t break the bank.

Film Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

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