A Real Perspective on Careers in Digital Animation


Finding a career in professional digital animation on film or television productions can be more difficult than it may immediately appear. There is a remarkable amount of competition for these jobs, after all, and so the skills you know are of utmost importance, but it can also be a tremendous advantage to have connections within the film industry. Learning to become a digital animation is not something you can typically do at a film school, which more often focuses on directing, editing, and other basic aspects of filmmaking. You will likely want to attend an art school or other type of program that can allow you to learn about what you really need to know to work in digital animation.

Art school is typically where most digital animators learn what the skills and abilities needed to work in the film industry. There is a great deal of competition coming from these types of schools, however, and so other types of programs can often be more attractive for prospective students looking to find any advantage they can. These programs can include internships with digital animation studios, gaining connections within the industry and exposure to real world work practices, or other types of educational systems other than traditional classroom learning. These alternative courses can include programs such as those that use the mentor-extern method for learning. This method involves the joining of a student with a mentor who is a professional working within the industry. The mentor then shares his or her experiences and knowledge with the extern, who not only learns about how the industry functions, but also learns the skills he or she will need to work as a professional.

If you are interested in learning to become a digital animator, then you should already have a fairly strong artistic background and desire to work as an artist. While there are many sorts of artistic skills and techniques that can be taught to you, there are certain fundamental aspects of artistry that you should already have. You should look for a school or program that will pair you with a mentor in your area who works in the industry and can teach you what you will need to know to become a professional digital animator. Working with a mentor can also help you make contacts with other people working within the industry; these contacts may be able to assist you in entering the field of digital animation by helping you find employment opportunities.

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