A Note from Dominic Matich, Film Connection Graduate


Hey brother, it’s Dominic Matich. We’ve corresponded many times throughout these past two years.

I’m emailing you today to tell you that Britney Tobin is excellent at her job. She might be my favorite employee. She has gone out of her way on every occasion to oversee, setup, and deliver to me opportunities that have payed off very advantageously. My career and successes in this industry would not be the same or close to the level they are now without her assistance. She cares about her job and even more about her performance and being the best creative career counselor your company has. That persistence and constant striving to be better each day is exactly the same way I live my life and having someone working with me with equal priorities is a great experience.

As always, Film Connection delivers on it’s promise to give the student an experience they won’t forget. I wanted to let you know about her because I have written you emails praising other employees and she definitely deserves one. Because of her, I was able to travel to New York, work with top filmmakers on three movies, gain editing experience along with promotional, production, finance, and basically any other experience you can have working with the director of the films.

And now, she has delivered again when an editing opportunity presented itself. I really want to make sure the higher ups know how much she has helped me.


Dominic Matich

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