Janna Russell

Janna Russell - Film Connection GraduateThe Film Connection program provided me with an opportunity to "see it and believe it"!  I was placed with a very knowledgeable mentor once I enrolled, having the chance to meet amazing artists and witness the working process.

Before I learned of the Film Connection program I had just moved to a new city, was dissatisfied with the jobs held post-college, and was desperately in search of an avenue into the Film industry. With the current state of the economy, graduate school was not the most appropriate option, however, I was still looking for a way to begin the life I wanted to live.  

I started dancing at a very young age and have always loved the performing arts. After recognizing my dancing years were going to end, I began experimenting with other disciplines within the performing arts. I have loved television and film since I can remember and have long been intrigued by the process. My enthusiasm for acting, theater, and thus film were cultivated when I attended my performing arts high school and participated in school productions.  As an undergraduate student miserable with my courses, I found myself starting a screenplay and wanting to know more about the behind-the-scenes magic of creating for the audience.

Once I joined the Film Connection program everything for me really took off.  Before I knew it, and was even a graduate of the program, I had already begun building my resume filled with production experience for several music videos, as well as actually have been paid for my work as a production coordinator!  The exposure during the Film Connection course of the externship and the knowledge I acquired is invaluable.  I would not have had the same experience in the classroom alone.  Through the help of my mentor and networking I made valuable contacts and have continued working as a production assistant on several projects.


Janna Russell, Atlanta, Georgia