Directing / Producing / Screenwriting Curriculum

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Look, you’ve been lied to…film degrees are useless. 100% pointless. There it is, we said it.

As much as those über pricey film schools want you to believe that a piece of paper with your name in calligraphy means something, in the entertainment business it doesn’t mean squat. By the end of film school you’ll be bewildered, disoriented and wanting your money back.

In the real world, it’s about who you know. Do you know the people in Hollywood who can help you get your movie made? You will after going to our film school.

Look, let’s not mince words, those other film schools are a waste of money and time and NONE of them connect you to Hollywood professionals. We do.

Take a look at the curriculum you will be learning as a Film Connection film school student:


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Lesson 1
Intro to Genre
Lesson 2
History of Film
Lesson 3
Developing a Pitch
Lesson 4
The Script
Lesson 5
The AD
Lesson 6
Act One
Lesson 7
Lesson 8
The Script Pt 2
Lesson 9
The Camera Crew
Lesson 10
Act Two
Lesson 11
Line Producing
Lesson 12
The Finish Line
Lesson 13
Lesson 14
Breaking Down Your Script
Lesson 15
Directing One – Pre-Production

Lesson 16
Directing Two – Casting
Lesson 17
Directing Three – The Shoot
Lesson 18
Lesson 19
Making Sizzle Reels
Lesson 20
Lesson 21
Epilogue – Raising Cash

Compare our offering to other film schools, go ahead, we look forward to your scrutiny…

We welcome your comparisons, we look forward to your questions. We are very proud of our film school and how it works because we know how Hollywood and the film business works. Do you? Does your family? You should before you spend serious money on any school but especially a film school.

The Film Connection is the only film school on the planet that understands who you know is as important as what you know.

Our curriculum is designed to get your movie idea in front of the people who can get movies made.

Plain and simple: no other film school has the connections we have.

Did you know that the film business does not work like the regular business world? Did you know that no one cares what school you went to and that some other schools can actually hurt your chances of succeeding?

If you want a career as a Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Writer or more you need one thing: CONNECTIONS. Connections, even more than talent is what matters.

So, if your fantasy film school is a place where you go into soul crushing debt with other student types and spend hours waxing poetic about the triumphs of German expressionism, then please, do not read further, do not pass go, just stop right here.

BUT if your film school looks like a place where you get to get your hands filthy in the dirt of filmmaking, where you work with pros who have more credits than you can shake a stick at and have them pitching and working with you on YOUR movie concept. A place where you learn how to shoot a real film, edit it and write it for the camera AND get a chance to pitch it to people who can get it made.

Are you ready to get your dream movie idea off the ground?

We’re Film Connection. The film school alternative made by filmmakers for filmmakers. What film school should be…

Success Stories from Our Students

“I am really surprised at how much it has taught me and how I have grown as a person from the experience. My goals before the program was over was to be able to get a job working in the industry with creative and fun people. And i am doing just that! :) I would have never gotten the opportunity to work with them if it weren’t for the Film Connection. I am excited to see what new projects are in store for me to work on and who else I will have the opportunity to work with! I am really surprised at how much I have learned in such a short amount of time and the portfolio I have been able to build.”

“I was currently attending West Chester University when I heard about The Film Connection. I finished up the semester and went to pursue what I always wanted to do, Film. I knew how to make a movie in theory and how to edit it after it is shot. But I wanted to know how high budget studios do it and how they set everything up to make that perfect shot. I was tired of watching all the behind the scenes bonus footage on DVDs, it was time get out there and learn it first hand.”
- Robert Forteza, Westchester, PA

“I hope that the knowledge I’ve absorbed, and information I’ve taken in will bring me happiness and prosperity. I’m not looking at the fame and glory, but if it comes my way I’ll accept it. My main goal is to live the American dream. The white house, with the picket fence. A happy and financially stable family. I want to come every night and feel like I did something great. I want nothing more than to wake up every morning looking forward about going to work. Life is too short to live unhappy with what you do. Currently is my career, I’m working on a pitch video for a financial campaign I’m starting. Hopefully it will lead to my feature film being shot and played in theaters. I just moved into an office where I will be conducting my work from, which is where I’m typing this from now. I feel that in the last year I’ve really accomplished a lot, and I hope I never lose that feeling.”
- Anthony Puglia. Orangeburg, NY

“… I was surprised to see how many people it took to make a movie or a television show. One of the first intern assignments I had was in the vault at Paramount studios for the television show “The Insider”. I was amazed to see just how many people worked on the show, the number was in the hundreds. I was so shocked.”
- Anthony Nocerino, Westminster, CA.

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