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    Let’s be honest. The ONE reason you want to go to film school is because you want to be a film director like Tarantino, David Fincher, Ridley Scott, etc. Right?

    You have that one film idea and you want to get it made. Don’t you? It’s your film, your idea, your masterpiece that you want to make and show on the silver screen. This passion consumes your dreams and fills your every waking moment.

    Guess what? The quickest way to kill, yes KILL this passion is to sit in a classroom, digest tons of assigned reading, and work on someone else’s student film only to end up $50,000 or more in debt. In other words, if you’re serious about making your film, the last thing you want to do is go to a traditional film school. What you should do is go to the Film Connection—we pick up where other schools leave off AND we’re all about helping you make your movie.

    From day one at the Film Connection, you are working on making your movie.

    Other film schools leave out all the good stuff.

    Advantage Film Connection.

    Keep reading if you want to learn more about how to become a working film director:


    It’s ALL about making your film. Not your friends, not your fellow classmates, YOUR FILM. But in order to make your film, you are going to have to know how to get your film off the ground, from concept to screenplay to pitching it to Hollywood and all the technical craft in between. The truth is you can learn this stuff anywhere. But when it comes to getting your film made, all roads do lead to Hollywood because L.A. is still where the money is, where the deals are made, and where projects get the green light

    Here’s how the Film Connection works: You will start your course by apprenticing inside a film production company in a city or town near where you live. That’s right, a location near you. They will teach you the basics of film through a hands-on, practical approach. You’ll touch the gear and see how working pros manage all these basics.

    While this is going on you will simultaneously be working with a professional Hollywood screenwriter on the screenplay for your film. From your third lesson on you will be working on your film. You’ll be writing your screenplay, designing the look, the feel, the locale, the crew, the cast of your masterpiece all with the idea of getting your pitch ready for Hollywood.

    Then, for your graduation final, we’ll fly to Hollywood and sit you, yes YOU in a room with a credible Hollywood Film Producer, and pitch your movie to him or her. Your goal? To get him or her to be a producer on your film and get it made, of course!

    Yes you read that right, we are the only film school that helps you PITCH your hot movie idea to the people that can get moves made in the real world. Advantage: Film Connection


    We think knowledge of the history and principals of filmmaking is important, and we certainly include a healthy dose of it in our curriculum. But the reality is filmmaking in the 21st century is a whole new ballgame. Digital technology has changed how films are made. Current filmmaking often breaks the rules and historical principals and films are better for it. So, we concentrate instead on putting the gear in your hands so you can put your ideas onto film right from the start, instead of immersing yourself in conversations about why such and such director did a scene a certain way.
    We teach you what you need to know to make films. If you want to become a film critic, you might want to attend another film school. Advantage: Film Connection.


    Have you seen what other film schools charge? You could buy a small house or a new Bentley for their tuition. Frankly, we have no idea why they charge so much. On the other hand, the tuition at The Film Connection is modestly priced at under $10,000, meaning you not only learn everything you would if you went to one of those expensive film schools, but with us you get to pitch your film to professionals in Hollywood, as you stay out of debt.

    Make no mistake, debt is a dream killer and these days, only fools take on debt of 50k or more to go to film school.

    This is the 21st Century, the film business is more accessible than ever but only if you are connected and if you are not in debt.

    Graduates from the other film schools are going to be in for a very rude awakening when they start knocking on doors with no connections.

    We save you as much as $100,000. Advantage: Film Connection.

    We are the only school that arranges for you to pitch your movie to major agents, managers and film producers who are ready to hear your movie idea. Keep reading if you are for real young Steven Spielberg…


    You’re going to be learning a lot of stuff in the Film Connection program. This will include working, hands-on, on a variety of shoots, working with cameras, sound, design, actors, editing and more. Who would you rather learn these essentials from—a working film professional or a school professor, or instructor? The constant complaint we hear from film industry professionals about film school graduates is that it takes a long time for them to unlearn the stuff they learned in regular old film school—because what they learned was not the way things are done in the real world.

    Look it’s simple, you CANNOT learn how a real film set works by playing around on student film sets, which is how regular film schools train you. It’s a total waste of your time.

    There’s a reason we call our teachers, mentors. It’s because that’s what they do, they mentor our students, privately, personally in the right way to do things, the way things get done in the real world, on real shoots.

    Mentors make better teachers because they’ve been there, done that.

    Advantage: Film Connection.

    Keep reading if you know you have what it takes to be the next genius horror filmmaker, or if you have a great thriller, drama or comedy screaming to get out of your brain…

  • 6. JOB ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (The first Film School to have real job assistance, not a B.S. One…)

    We hear you—you want to make your film. You want to be the next Wes Anderson, the next Sundance Award Winner, the next Academy Award Nominee,….The Film Connection is the only film school on the planet that will get you in a room to pitch your film to a group of film industry pros who have the power to green light your project. But, as we also stated, there are no guarantees in life and so we want to be absolutely honest with you.

    If you don’t get your film green lit, what are you going to do? Go home and take that job at Taco Bell? No, of course not, you’re going to continue sculpting your film idea and you’re going to want to get a good job in the film business, working behind the scenes….

    That’s where we come in. As a Film Connection Graduate you will have actual on the job experience, you will have made industry connections and you will have us, and we will call every film production company on the planet for you, until you get yourself a good job. With the Film Connection Stay Connected Job Assistance program you get up to a year’s worth of help securing a job in the film business after you graduate.

    With other film schools you’re pushed out the door with a Xerox of a stale cold-call list.

    No other school provides as extensive of a job placement program. Advantage: Film Connection.


    We’ve alluded to this before, but it’s worth repeating: Film Schools don’t carry a good reputation in the film business. The Film Connection does. Why? Because real film professionals, the ones that work on movies, documentaries, short films, industrials, etc. for a living chew up film school graduates before breakfast. Film professionals see film school graduates as being pretentious, carrying bad attitudes and a sense of entitlement, who are schooled in all the wrong things, and generally, not worth the bother.

    On the other hand, true film professionals endorse the Film Connection because it resonates with them. They too had a mentor help them get started. They too had a dream they wanted to pursue. They too paid their dues. They know how the film business really works, which means they know traditional film schools don’t work, and the Film Connection does.
    The reason film professionals endorse us is because we get it. Do you? Advantage: Film Connection.


    There are two fundamental obstacles to becoming a successful filmmaker. One is a lack of experience and the other is not knowing the right people. What have you done and who do you know? The Film Connection helps you with both of these Catch 22s. Since you are apprenticing in your mentor’s film production company (which serves as your classroom), you will be gaining real-world experience on actual commercial film endeavors (as opposed to student film projects) so that when you are asked, “What did you work on?” you will have an answer. Secondly, by the time you finish the Film Connection film course you will have connected with dozens of film industry professionals: your local mentor, clients of your local mentor, your screenwriting mentor, your pitch mentor, etc.
    We give you experience on client funded projects. At other film schools you work on student projects. Which means more in the real world? Advantage: Film Connection.


    There’s a reason we call our school the Film Connection. That’s because we realized early on that the film business is all about who you know. We also know that if you want to know people in the film business, you need to hang out with people in the film business. Hint: You won’t be hanging out with people in the film business at your college or trade school campus, no matter how prestigious that school is.

    The only place you can hang out with people in the film business is by being part of the production process. Guess what? From day one, we place you inside a film production company, where you will apprentice for six months, working on commercial film projects. Imagine the number of film business people you will be hanging out with. No other school places you on the inside which is the only place you can make these essential industry connections.
    We put you on the inside so you can connect with people in the film industry. Advantage: Film Connection.


    You may have an idea for the greatest film of all time, but if you don’t know how or who to pitch it to, you’d better have a lot of rich relatives if you want it to ever get made. With other film schools, your final project gets graded by a professor. Even if you get an A+, your film is no closer to reality than when you started the course.

    With the Film Connection, your final project is to pitch your idea to a Hollywood film producer – a credible, real life, working producer who can get your project funded and made if he or she likes it. Even if they pass on your project (and realistically, this happens a lot—even with filmmakers who have made numerous features) you will gain valuable experience and knowledge and insight into how the pitch process works; some great feedback and critiques of your project; and some advice on where to go next. You’ll also have a completed screenplay for your film. No other school on the planet comes close.
    We open doors students from other schools can’t even find. Advantage: Film Connection.

Straight Talk About the Film Industry

Brian Kraft

What You Should Be Searching For In A Film School

Searching for a film school to attend can be intimidating. There are so many big names, so much contradicting advice, and so much money on the line. So, for a second, let’s back up and take inventory of why you’re going to film school and what you’re hoping to get out of it.

You’re a creative person. You have dreams and aspirations. You have stories that you want to tell. You have characters that live in your head and are screaming to be let out. You also wan to be able to make money doing this. Like The Joker says, ‘If you’re good at something never do it for free’. You want to make a living telling stories in the medium that you love so much. You want to make movies.

Ok, with that goal in mind which school is going to help you make movies. Which school is going to cut through the B.S. and keep you challenged and being pushed towards something better. Which film school isn’t going to leave you thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. Well, that’s the Film Connection.

The Film Connection is a state of the art film school that works in a unique way. We have a curriculum, we teach you about film history, and you get your fair share of homework, but what sets us apart from most of the film schools out there is we get you on set. That’s right. You will be on-set. On location. You’ll be paired with a mentor and they’ll take you with them on their jobs. You’ll be learning and working at the same time. You’ll be building experience and connections simultaneously.

In the Film Connection you’ll be building a contact base that you’ll be able to call upon for work, assistance, and guidance throughout your career. The Film Connection puts you in the right place at the right time. We give you assets, help you gain experience, and introduce you to the right people.

The Film Connection is in the business of ushering in the next generation of great filmmakers. That’s why we keep our tuition low. We want creative people from all over the world to attend our school, meet the right people, and start making movies. We want movies that are made about people from all walks of life. What better way to promote diversity than to ensure that our student body is diverse.

Our film school has been a driving force in the industry. We’re responsible for a massive influx of new talent from all over the socio and economic spectrum. The Film Connection is the film school of tomorrow.