Film Connection Courses

Film Connection Courses

About the Film Connection Curriculum

Directors, producers and screenwriters are responsible for telling a story and hiring the people to take their vision and get it on the big screen.

Cinematographers and editors help frame the scene, set the pace, capture the mood and make it all come together. Their importance to a successful film cannot be understated.

That’s why our director, producer, screenwriting, cinematography and editing programs are taught by seasoned professionals. These experts in their field will assist aspiring producers, directors, screenwriters directors of photography (DPs) and editors achieve their dreams, whether it’s filming commercials, industrials, features, documentaries, television and beyond. You’ll be mentored to attain the foothold you need to launch into one of the most rewarding careers in the film industry.

Coursework is delivered via distance education and completed at a location determined by the student. Apprenticeship (Externship) locations can be up to 60 miles away from the student’s address. The apprenticeship (externship) mentor will work with each student on structuring a specific schedule, the student agrees that he/she will be available to meet with the mentor for a minimum of two sessions per week.”