Korey Hehn

Korey Hehn - Film Connection GraduateI enrolled in the Film Connection because I have always wanted to tell stories. Not only this.  As a young girl I have also always wanted to be a writer.  So as I worked my way through High School I really tried to figure out what I was going to do with my life, coming to the realization that I really wanted to be a part of making movies.  You see, films have such a profound impact on the people who watch them: Even if a person does not like the movie they happen to watch, they will always remember at least little pieces of it because of the undeniable ability of moving pictures to permeate thoughts.  At this very point I came to the realization that I as well wanted to be a part of that. 

As time continued on I started looking at colleges that offered Film courses.  I finally decided on, applied for, and was accepted into George Fox University (GFU), where I planned to major in film studies.  However, I didn't know what area of film I wanted to go into.  I didn't even know what areas of film there were to even go into.  However, the film program at George Fox University was apparently supposed to be very good.  So that Fall I moved onto campus and began my classes.  While I attended this college I didn't take a single film class because, turns out, freshmen do not take many classes in their major their very first year.  When I went home for winter break my parents and I decided that it would be financially wise for me to not go back to GFU and instead try to learn film on my own at home.

At this point, when I moved back home, is when I decided to purchase a film book and start studying on my own. This was fine at first, but I still wanted to learn more, as well as to get some hands-on experience that is crucial to succeed in the film industry.  I really remember feel absolutely hopeless because I had no idea what to study. So one night I was searching the internet and decided to look up 'film schools', hoping to find one I could go to that was cheaper than my previous attempt had been.  This is when I found the Film Connection and was thrilled!  I showed my parents and they said I could apply immediately.  

The rest is history: I'm now halfway through the Film Connection program and have learned so much about the filmmaking process, as well as all the details that go into it.  I now feel equipped to start making movies, finally! I'm going to continue studying screenwriting because, after doing the lesson on that subject with my mentor, I find myself again interested in writing.  I know that there is a ton more to learn, but now I have a much better idea of what I need to study and where I can go to find resources.  Once I finish the Film Connection program I will really have a solid understanding of what area of film I will go into, and I plan to actively pursue a career in film by taking full advantage of the career placement service that the Film Connection program offers, and therefore, apply to work on films and for production companies.  I am working hard to soak up as much knowledge as I can from my mentor and his associates, where I am continuing to put what I'm learning into practice: I'm now working on a small documentary with a friend of mine in which we are going to interview some local WWII veterans and video their stories. Thank you so much to the Film Connection for the opportunity you have given me to delve into the film business.”


Korey Hehn, Prineville, Oregon


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