How to Get Started in Film


One of the most difficult parts about getting started in the film industry is getting a first job. However, knowing how to get started in film and taking the proper steps and measures to do so will probably get you much farther. Making it in the film industry does not depend on school or degrees (in fact, film degrees are often looked down upon by executives and bosses in studios and companies), but instead on your own ingenuity. You must be an intelligent, creative, and original person to have what it takes to make in the film industry. Even more importantly than that, you must be a social person who is able to market him or her self well and can make lots of connections to help you on your way to the top.


When you decide to go after a career in the film industry, you must understand that the film industry is difficult to break into, take very few new people, and is incredibly competitive. It is due to this competition in fact that executives only hire people they know. Usually, when you know a person, you prefer to hire them, because you know their personality, know that they can get along with co-workers, understand their abilities and strengths, and see that they are reliable people. Almost every career does this, and while it is sad, it is also beneficial for them. You must be able to get over any fears and shyness and learn how to network, otherwise you will never have a job anywhere.


Networking is the real key in how to get started in film. You must expand your network. If you do not have a network, start small and then begin to move up. Practice socializing with friends, go out to meet friends of friends, and you can even use your parents social network and friends. Even your parents’ friends are working professionals in different fields. Remember not to exclude anyone from your social network just because they do not work in the film industry and that is where you want to work. You never know who a person may know and what kind of resources they have. They may be able to introduce you to someone who does work in radio – or someone who knows someone. This is the way social networks work, you keep meeting friends of friends and connections of people you know until you find that person who will get you your dream job.


Knowing how to get started in film really translates into knowing how to network, because without a strong network, your chances of getting a job are slim. 

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