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Our group of training professionals built Film Connection for you.

The Film Connection was established in 1983 and is the innovator of the mentor/extern method of education. The following are some facts you might find helpful while researching which film school or film program is right for you.

We are also members in good standing of these prestigious nonprofit advocacy groups:

  • Independent Film Alliance (http://www.ifilmalliance.com)
  • Film Independent (https://www.filmindependent.org)
  • The National Guild for Community Arts Education (https://www.nationalguild.org)
  • The Grammy Awards (http://www.grammy.com/)

Make Your Movie

Stop sitting on the sidelines. Stop watching your friends make their movies.

Your classroom is a real film company in the city or town in which you live. Our corporate offices are open Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM PST. Please feel free to give us a call at 310-456-9623 if you should need our assistance, or feel free to make an appointment and come into the office.

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Success stories

Since he started his extern program with Uptone Pictures in Raleigh, NC, Grant Gilbert has been taking…


Please take the time to read the experiences of one of our own, Korey Hehn of Pineville, OR…


The Film Connection program provided me with an opportunity to "see it and believe it"!…


The Film Connection is owned and operated by Film Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools.

We have a reputation for disrupting the conventional, sit-down approach to education and offer film, radio, film production, and culinary school alternatives in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Unlike ordinary schools, our students learn from successful mentors in real world situations in active recording studio sessions, on real film sets, and at actual on-air radio stations as opposed to simulated studios in classrooms, where the day-to-day pressures of client interaction and real deadlines don’t exist. Film Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools’ programs can be completed in approximately half the time of degrees obtained from conventional schools. No experience is required, and students can start at any time, as opposed to specific semesters. They can also take classes during night or weekend sessions, scheduling their training around a current job.



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