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Your Lake Charles Film School Alternative

Believe it or not we brought a film school to Lake Charles. Not any old crappy film school but the most cutting edge hands-on film school alternative on the planet. Film Connection brings the film school to you on a silver platter. Well, maybe not silver because we aren’t expensive…a pewter platter. Yeah, that’s it. We’ll take you on a guided tour of how to make it in the biz with mentors and hands-on experience that’s priceless. But like we said, we won’t break the bank so you can have priceless for way less than you would expect. Film Connection. Smarter. Faster. Better.

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Located in the southwest corner of Louisiana near the lake of the same name, the city of Lake Charles hosts a population of about 71,000 people.  It's located near the beautiful Gulf Coast, and is conveniently close to major cities like Baton Rouge, New Orleans and the Houston/Galveston area of Texas, making it a great area for location filming. In addition, Lake Charles benefits from Louisiana's film-friendliness, with both state and local film offices to facilitate shooting and generous tax incentives to encourage filmmakers to come here. If you are considering a career in filmmaking as a film director, film producer, film editor, or cameraman, FILM CONNECTION can help you tap into these connections without having to relocate somewhere like Los Angeles or New York.   

Motion pictures, television shows, documentaries and commercials are regularly shot all over Louisiana, including the Lake Charles area. Some of the movies that have been filmed in Lake Charles and nearby regions include Passion Fish, The Beyond, Secretariat, I Love You Phillip Morris and the classic films Easy Rider and The Drowning Pool–just to name a few. 

FILM CONNECTION Film School of Lake Charles offers an inexpensive, six month course that pairs you with a working film or television professional who will serve as your personal instructor. You will gain real, hands-on experience on film and video shoots, making vital industry connections along the way. In fact, over 70% of FILM CONNECTION graduates get hired before or shortly after graduation. You owe it to yourself to see what we can do for your career!

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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