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It all goes back to having a team.

“In this lesson I got to learn the stages of production and what they do. I learned development, financing, pre-production, production, post-production, and marketing and distribution. Another big thing that the chapter talked about was editing. You go from the director’s vision of a film on set to an editor’s vision on the computer. It all goes back to having a team. Without one you wouldn’t get far in the industry. When I was with Jason, we talked about my movie pitch and what I needed to work on. He saw that my script had paragraph’s that were too long so he suggested I make them shorter so people reading it wouldn’t get jammed up. He also taught me a way to make a shotlist. He drew a picture of a scene on paper and showed me where I needed to put each camera in order to have more options when editing. All I have to do now is work on my skit for this coming week as well as an updated shotlist in order to finish filming on time.”

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