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New Year 2016, New Projects

“I returned from Christmas and New Year’s vacation with a fresh new perspective and outlook. My mentor Wes Cobb informed me that 3 new Film Connection students have joined our Charlotte team and we are all massively excited. I have also noticed that we, the original members of the Charlotte Film Connection, seemed to have grown significantly in both knowledge and skillset since we first started working together as a collaborative unit last year. When I first started in the program, I had this idea that I would try to learn it all and shoot my projects guerilla-style –and that was mainly because I didn’t really know anyone in the area to collaborate with. Now everything is different — we’ve all slightly matured as filmmakers and each of us seemed to have come into his or her own. I observed that each of us has our own strengths and abilities, and something unique to bring to the table. I no longer feel the need to do everything myself, and with that realization, comes the desire to become more specialized in my focus. I think I would really like to hone in on my screenwriting skills, and also work towards becoming an Independent Producer in the coming months. You would think that narrowing my focus would feel tight and restrictive but, in all honestly, I’ve never felt more free and inspired to pursue the filmmaking aspects that really interest me.

Our New Year is off with a bang — we have another exercise film project coming up on January 23rd. We’re currently having our pre-production meetings and trying our best to put all the elements together. Our first short film “Facade” is in post production. My team and my mentor are enthusiastic about (and actively encouraging) my passion for taking Behind the Scenes Still Photo Coverage, so I will continue to do that and will upload the files to my Student Blog, Dropbox Account, and Social Media Sites shortly after.”

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