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October 12, 2000


Dear Jimi,

Just a note to let you know that Amanda Michiels has been hired on the feature film, Jet Boy as a Locations/Set Production Assistant here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Amanda has been with the Production Office during the last two productions that I have worked on. She has been an asset to me on both projects. Amanda has a great deal of drive and self-motivation. I know that she is on the right track to attain her goals.


Your educational materials, along with the work placement program, are truly beneficial to bringing out the potential in people. Your program is definitely a unique opportunity for people to advance themselves professionally while they study.


I deeply appreciate the opportunity to have become acquainted with TV & Film Connection.


Thanking you for all your assistance and looking forward to continuing our relationship in the future.



Hudson Cooley
Production Coordinator


6703 Huntsbay Road NW Calgary, Alberta T2K 4R2
Pone: (403) 685-8058 Fax: (403) 685-8078 email: [email protected]

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