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Dear Jimmy:

I feel compelled to write you about our involvement in the Film & TV Connection. Let me just say that the concept seems to work very well for the students that have been directed to us. Their activities often enhance our day-to-day operations.

Naturally, training of this sort requires a “good fit” for both the sudents and the facility. We are most pleased to see that the process has been well thought out by your people . . . from the initial interview, through the training materials, and onto the student’s involvement in our productions. As a result, we have just hired our first “graduate” of the course: student Paul Bowen.

Paul has been hired on as a digital editor in our film and video post production department. He is proving to be one of our most valuable staff members. Funny, Paul barely was computer literate when he came to us, now he is editing on Avid.

We feel that training of this sort — to the extent necessary for learning real-world productions skills — is only available when obtained through a course such as Film & TV Connection.

Thanks again for getting us involved!

Jeff Taylor

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