Film Connection Letter | Telemedia Group

September 20, 2000

Mr. Danny Nieman
1135 Terminal Way #209
Reno, NV 89502

RE: Professional Internship Program (Amy Gill)

Mr. Nieman:

As principal producer and production manager speaking on behalf of our video services company, The Telemedia Group, please accept our sincere thanks for introducing us to Amy Gill through our participation in your professional internship program. Since the conclusion of her initial eight week stay with us, Amy has become such an integral part of our daily operations (particularly in editing) that we’ve asked her to continue with us as part of our crew.

The Telemedia Group specializes in video production and support services for the movie industry. Many of the services we provide and much of the work we do is very specific to film production. Very little of it is taught in conventional educational programs. To her credit, Amy had a beginning background (and a bit of previous experience) in editing; through her association with Telemedia, she has quickly become proficient in non-linear editing to conform to motion picture film and in our electronic press kit production (participating in numerous video shoots for clients such as “Entertainment Tonight” and “E! Entertainment Television”), showing great promise toward soon becoming a producer for such projects.

We look forward to a continuing working relationship with Amy Gill and, at the same time, encourage her to further explore the fertile production environment here in our location at Screen Gems Studios (home of TV’s “Dawson’s Creek,” among other major film, television and commercial productions).

Furthermore, for the fall season, we’ve enthusiastically accepted another intern from Film & TV Connection, and hold high hopes for the results of that as well!

Ed Blakely
Producer / Production Manager
The Telemedia Group

(910) 343-3435 FAX (910) 343-3434
1223 NORTH 23rd ST. WILMINGTON, NC 28405

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