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Dear Sir/Madam:

During the interview with Mr. Sitka, it appeared clear that his interest in film was mostly directed toward the production of feature films and that his long term goal was to become a film producer. With this in mind, we enrolled him in our internship program and we taught him not only the basics of film production, including the "iter" of the film, but we also trained him in exercising leadership and in becoming an executive.

Mr sitka was extremely attentive to the subjects presented. He showed enthusiasm in learning and a deep understanding of problems and solutions of the production process.

Today he has successfully completed his internship at toronto Pictures and we have gladly offered him a position in our company that will make it possible for him to realize his dream of becoming a film producer in a few years.

Mr. Sitka is presently the Production manager in our feature film "Virtary" and is leading of team of several assistants in the actual pre-production phase of the project



Bruno Pischiutta

President & C.E.O. 

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