Acting Course Curriculum



Joe Anthony’s approach to acting is a practical one, working to strengthen the specific muscles an actor needs to be truthful and authentic:

  • Imagination… the ability to make fictional circumstances real and personally affecting through the use of images.
  • Empathy… the essential ability to be sensitive and vulnerable to circumstances.
  • Concentration… the ability to focus on the circumstances of a script (instead of the circumstances of the casting office or set).

The 22-hour weekend intensive spans Friday through Sunday and is divided into five classes during which students will apply skills they learn from renowned Los Angeles acting coach, Joe Anthony, to cold readings, audition and call back situations and partnered scene work.


Students will be coached to view acting as a form of communication rather than an opportunity to perform. Rather than simply memorizing lines and figuring out how a scene will be played, Joe Anthony will encourage each actor to be inquisitive rather than analytical of the roles they are asked to portray and help them to truly step into each character’s “shoes.” Approaching roles from this point of view allows actors to inhabit their roles with a higher degree of freedom and authenticity resulting in performances that are unique, surprising and memorable.

From the moment the opportunity to play a part appears through the final day of shooting, Joe’s students imaginatively create the world of the story in a way that truly resonates for them as an individual. This strong foundation allows them to go into any professional situation (a casting office, in rehearsal, on the set) with a sense of play and wonder instead of dread or fear. In this state of mind they are free and able to live authentically and express truthfully from “action to cut”.


Class 1 – Friday 9am – 3pm


Principles: Acceptance, Imagination, Action, Listening, Mentality and Distractions

The journey begins by creating a strong foundation upon which you can build a creative life. Using scripts from television, films and plays, you will have the opportunity to discover how to travel from disbelief to belief. Like an athlete, you will begin to see your heart and mind as muscles that require daily exercise in order for strength and support. Some questions that will be answered include:


“How do I begin to believe?
“What do empathy and judgment have to do with my work?”
“How do I relate to something I’ve never been through personally?”
“What is the most effective way to read a script for the first time?”
“What are the major distractions I’ll face as an actor and how do I deal with them?”
“How do I keep my heart from pounding uncontrollably when ‘action’ is called?”


Class 2 – Friday 5pm – 10pm


Principles: Homework (Attention), Doubt/Truth, Character, Sensitivity/Vulnerability, Public Opinion

You will have some time in between classes to prepare for the 2nd opportunity to act with the assignment from Friday morning. Here you will explore the concept of the “call back” and discover what it takes to strengthen and expand that muscle of belief. Some discussion items will include:


“What do I do at a ‘call back’? The same thing I did before?”
“How do I most effectively use my time at home?”
“How do I become more sensitive or vulnerable?”
“What do doubt and truth have to do with my work?
“What does it mean to explore character?”
“What are the major life issues?”
“What are archetypes?
“How do I deal with people’s opinions?”


Classes 3-5

(Saturday 9am -2pm, 4pm – 8pm / Sunday 9am – 1pm)


Principles: Acting With a Partner, Places, Movement, Taking Direction, Between Takes

Now that you have a basic understanding of the muscles necessary for truthful belief in fictional circumstances, you will be given the opportunity to exercise those muscles at home with your first take home assignment. You will be cast in a part and have the opportunity to put your newly learned principles into practice. As in a professional situation, you will be required to prepare fully on your own time and come to the “set” ready to play. Back at the workshop, you will then work with another actor from the group. Some of the questions that will be answered include:


“What do I do when the director calls, ‘places’?”
“How do I translate a directors staging into spontaneous movement?”
“How do I translate direction quickly and effectively?”
“How can I help myself between takes when a director is unavailable?”
“What if my scene partner is giving me ‘nothing’?


About Joe Anthony, Your Acting Workshop Mentor

A multi-faceted teacher, director and actor, Joe Anthony began his career as an acting coach in 1995 teaching classes with Corey Allen at Columbia College Film School. In 1996, Joe was asked by Margie Haber to join her staff at her studio one of Los Angeles’ most well-known schools for coaching film and television actors. In 2001, Joe opened his own studio in Hollywood in which he coaches clients both privately and in classes. He was added as an adjunct faculty member to the prestigious USC Drama Department in 2008 and is also the Artistic Director of Red Door Theater, a thriving company made up of his students and professional associates.


Joe’s clients can be seen in film, television and theater. Recent client appearances include:

FILM: Hancock with Will Smith, Flightplan with Jodie Foster, Love Ranch (soon to be released) with Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci

TV: Leverage, Private Practice, Without a Trace, 24, The Closer, CSI:NY, ER, Boston Public

THEATER: A Picasso, Geffen Theater (Los Angeles).

Coursework is delivered via distance education and completed at a location determined by the student. Externship locations can be up to 60 miles away from the student’s address. The externship mentor will work with each student on structuring a specific schedule, the student agrees that he/she will be available to meet with the mentor for a minimum of two sessions per week.”

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