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Don’t know if you’ve heard, but the era of paying through the roof for a quality film education is officially over. We’re Albuquerque Film Connection and we pair our students up with local film professionals to give them real-world experience and industry contacts to jump-start their filmmaking careers. Through our two programs, we graduate students that professionals love to hire. Our first program is a 6-month behind the scenes track that will link you up with local mentors. Our second longer program is our directors program, lasting eight months, that connects you with not just local mentors who will guide you as you write, direct, and edit your project, but also a dream mentor in Los Angeles. During the final week of your program you’ll be on a plane to L.A. to pitch your idea to a Hollywood industry executive.

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ALBUQUERQUE is the largest city in the state of New Mexico, and is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Home to the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque rests in the central part of the state, straddling the famous Rio Grande. Rich in Hispanic heritage, Albuquerque offers many alternatives in both Hispanic and English media markets. Currently, Albuquerque is ranked 45th DMA in the nation. 

The list of celebrities either born or raised in Albuquerque includes Bill Gates, Joe, Gavin and George Maloof, Ernie Pyle, Al and Bobby Unser, Ronnie Lott, Jeff Bezos, as well as musicians Scott Mabe Born, Eric Chamberlain, Xzibit, The Shins, Beth Moore-Love, Randy Castillo and actors Freddie Prinze Jr., Steve-O, Neil Patrick Harris, French Stewart, Barbara Edwards. It might be the water, or it might be the 5000 foot plus altitude of the city, but clearly great minds and talents have started the path to realizing their dreams from Albuquerque over the years.

Today there are over 20 television stations in English and Spanish that cover the Albuquerque/Santa Fe market. With local origination programming, including a healthy schedule of University of New Mexico Lobos sporting events, there are plenty of opportunities to get real job experience on professional video or film productions through either FILM CONNECTION Film or TV Schools mentor/apprentice programs. Upcoming films scheduled for location shoots in Albuquerque include Once Upon a Time in the Hood and The Eye starring Jessica Alba. Recently completed feature films that had location shoots in Albuquerque include The Transformers, Beerfest and Employee of the Month. In fact, the IMDB lists over 225 feature films, TV series and specials that have been produced in Albuquerque. So take in a dinner and a movie–some great restaurants to start the night out include Whisque, Gruet Grille, Sadie's, Rojo Bar & Grill, Tucano's Brazilian Grille and Orchid Thai Cuisine–and tomorrow send in your application to the Film Connection.

Imagine yourself working on one of these feature films….with FILM CONNECTION mentor/apprentice film program the only thing stopping you is yourself. Apply to FILM CONNECTION Film School today, and we’ll have you working on a real shoot before the month is up.

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
Fill out the information below and we’ll be in touch: