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Do you want to learn to be a film director? Do you have a concept for a film you want to make? Have you wanted to work in film for years but found going to ordinary film school too expensive, too time-consuming, or both? If you want to learn film directing, learn how to write screenplays, produce, edit, or learn what it takes to make your movie a reality, Film Connection Film School in Green Bay, WI might be able to help you get skills, insight, and experience by working on real projects right in the Green Bay-Appleton area.

As you probably know, the television and film industry can be incredibly hard to break into. Even graduates from very well-known and revered film schools can graduate without finding their “in” to working in the business of making movies and television shows. Many people can go a lifetime without ever really knowing how to find people to work with on projects, how to get hired in film, or how to sell a script. Green Bay-Appleton is no exception. That being said, you may be surprised to discover that Green Bay actually has a lot going on in the industry, and Film Connection has mentors who are local film professionals, all of which could benefit you greatly, so read on to find out how.

With a population of more than 320,000, Green Bay, Wisconsin has a lot to offer aspiring film directors and filmmaking professionals. A plethora of natural beauty, waterfront scenery, and urban landscapes as well as distinctive colonial architecture and mid-century modern houses and buildings (the Taliesin Preservation: Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center is southeast of Green Bay), make the area well-suited for a multitude of shooting locations: fertile ground for film directors looking to make their mark.

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If you’re truly serious about becoming a masterful screenwriter who knows how to develop ideas into fully fleshed, compelling scripts and that’s basically all you want to do, consider our Screenplay Workshop. Our Film Connection screenwriting mentors live mainly in New York or Los Angeles, nevertheless, they can work with you one-on-one, guiding you through the process of developing your idea into a feature-length screenplay that’s ready to pitch.

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Get Real World Film Production Experience in Green Bay

Some of the films that have done location shooting in and around the Green Bay-Appleton area include the Critic’s Choice and People’s Choice award-winning comedy BridesmaidsPublic Enemies, starring Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard, Loose Cannons: The MovieEd Gein: The FilmalProject Solitude, as well as documentaries Slacker Uprising and Supersize Me, to name a few. Television production is no stranger to this area either. TV shows and series that have done filming in and around the Green Bay-Appleton area include WWF Raw, Independent Lens, The Bachelorette, and of course, regular live television coverage of the Packers.

And Green Bay also has the distinction of being the smallest city to host an NFL team and it carries the nickname “Titletown USA” because the Packers have won a record 12 Superbowl titles in its history. About 30 miles to the southwest, the smaller community of Appleton is home to about 70,000 people. Taken together, the Green Bay-Appleton area is the site of a number of movies, commercials, TV shows, and documentaries, all of which are filmed throughout Wisconsin on a regular basis, including in the Green Bay-Appleton area.

Our Green Bay Film Industry Mentors Help you Build Real World Connections

And wouldn’t you know it, Film Connection mentors and director/producers Jim Degroot, Tony Reale, and Sean Bowers of Creative Edge Productions, in Green Bay, have worked for the Green Bay Packers, as well as Disney, ABC, and a number of other major commercial clients. They’re dedicated mentors who invest in the students who extern with them. They’re also known for being extremely helpful at helping students realize their goals and ambitions.

Speaking of what it takes to make it in the industry, Film Connection mentor Jim Degroot is all about bursting the bubbles of those who assume it’s always going to be glamorous. The reality of it is, it’s rarely ever glamorous, even on large-scale, expensive productions. For anyone wanting to work in film, television, or new media, fortitude and a willingness to go the distance are essential:
It takes a pretty darned good work ethic, meaning you’ve got to speed up on time, you’ve got to be prepared, you’ve got to hustle the gear and stuff like that. So, in essence, you’re not going to go far in this business if you’re lazy…Let’s talk about work ethic, let’s talk about showing up on time, let’s talk about those basic things…The reality of it is, we need things that pay the bills, and sometimes those aren’t fun, glamorous, exciting things…[like] getting in a van and driving to New Hampshire and shooting the most boring things in the world, but, the check is there. And then you do fun things like film videos and fun TV commercials and things like that. So it’s also showing those students that you’re not going to pop in making movies right away. These are some of the dues you got to pay.

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