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Your Hattiesburg-Laurel Film School Alternative

Want to kick your filmmaking career into high gear? We can help you at Hattiesburg-Laurel Film Connection. We’ve partnered up with several production companies in the Hattiesburg-Laurel area to create unique mentorships for our students.

If you’re interested in working behind the scenes, our 6-month program is for you. After selecting your concentration, you will paired up with local filmmaking professionals in that area that will meet with you at their studios and production houses. While other film school grads only have a short to show for their outrageously priced education, you will have real-world experience in a filmmaking professional environment in addition to your very own industry contacts.

If you’d prefer, there’s also our more comprehensive 8-month directors program. This program is where you’ll be writing, directing and editing your project under the tutelage of your local mentors. But that’s not all. You’ll also have a dream mentor, a working professional in Los Angeles, who will help you develop possibly the most important skill you’ll need to make your idea become a reality: pitching. We not only fly you out to meet with your dream mentor during the last week of your training, but we get you a pitch meeting with an industry executive. Get in front of people that will tell you if you’ve really got what it takes to make it in show business.

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Located in southern Mississippi over an hour north of the Gulf coast, the cities of Hattiesburg and Laurel have a combined population of over 60,000. Entertainment industry pros that have hailed from this area include opera star Leontyne Price, musicians Jimmy Buffet and Lance Bass, and actors Parker Posey and Shea Curry. Several film and TV production companies make their home in the Hattiesburg-Laurel area, and its location within range of the coast and several major cities makes this an excellent area to start a career in film without having to relocate to typical filmmaking hubs like New York or L.A. If you are considering a career in filmmaking as a film director, film producer, film editor, or cameraman, the Hattiesburg-Laurel are can be a great choice, with FILM CONNECTION there to help you. 

Major movies, commercials, TV shows and documentaries are filmed all over Mississippi on a regular basis, including in the Hattiesburg-Laurel area. Some of the movies that have done location shooting in this area and the surrounding regions include Mississippi Masala, The Ladykillers, Walk the Line, Pretty Baby and the classic Show Boat, to name a few. Television production is no stranger to this area, either. Some of the known TV shows that have filmed episodes here and in the area include The Amazing Race, The Simple Life and True Blood. 

Our many professional connections and relationships put us in a unique position to help you launch your career. With FILM CONNECTION’s original, hands-on, one-on-one, on-the-job method of teaching, using the mentor/apprentice approach, over 70% of Chicago FILM CONNECTION graduates go on to have permanent industry employment. Come find out what FILM CONNECTION of Hattiesburg-Laurel can do for you! 

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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