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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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Your Lubbock Film School Alternative

The Lubbock Film Connection Film School wants you to change the face of cinema.

Are you an aspiring moviemaker? Do you dream of creating the highest grossing and critically acclaimed film of all time? Do you live in Lubbock? Well, dear reader, the world is at your fingertips.

Lubbock Film Connection Film School is one piece of a nationwide film school puzzle. We work with you both at home, where you live, in Lubbock, and we have working Hollywood professionals who assist and mentor you, as well.

Our program has a Local Mentor who will take you out on-location with him and teach you about the day-to-day grind of moviemaking. We also establish a connection for you with a filmmaking professional in Hollywood who is currently doing exactly what you want to be doing.

Ultimately, while you are learning the ropes of the movie world, you are also working on your project. You are writing a screenplay, you are shooting footage, and you are cutting a trailer.

Regardless, if you want to be the next James Cameron or the behind the scenes guru we have something for you.

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Located in northwest Texas, the city of Lubbock anchors a metropolitan area that is home to over a quarter of a million people, with the cotton industry being the largest player in its economy.  In the entertainment world, Lubbock's largest claim to fame is as the birthplace and childhood home of rock and roll legend Buddy Holly. Not only does Lubbock benefit from generous incentives offered by the state of Texas for filmmakers, but it is also in driving distance to other cities such as Amarillo and Albuquerque, allowing for a diversity in filming locations. If you're looking at a film career as a producer, director, editor or related profession, Lubbock affords more opportunities than you might think–and FILM CONNECTION can put you in the thick of the action. 

Texas regularly plays host to the shooting of movies, commercials, TV shows and documentaries, including in and around Lubbock.  Some of these include the films 29 Reasons to Run, Waking Up in Reno and Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade; documentaries Lubbock Lights, Protesting the Dixie Chicks and The Education of Shelby Knox; and television episodes of WWF Raw and Naked Science. 

The many professional connections and relationships we've forged over the years give us a distinct advantage over other film schools. Through our revolutionary mentor-apprentice (extern) approach, FILM CONNECTION pairs you with a working professional in the industry, who personally instructs you on real film and video shoots. Along the way, you'll make important industry connections of your own, which can lead to future employment. In fact the vast majority of our graduates (over 70 percent) go on to permanent industry jobs, often being hired by the very companies where we place them!  You owe it to yourself to see what Lubbock FILM CONNECTION can do for your career. 

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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