This isn’t a boring Panama City film school classroom. This isn’t an overcrowded college laboratory. This is life. Real Life. YOUR LIFE.

You’ve got the dream and we’ve got the path to launch your filmmaking career. And it begins right here in Panama City. At Film Connection film school in Panama City, Florida, we offer what other film programs can’t: a way into the industry. By pairing you up with local filmmaking professionals as your mentors, we’ve broken down the traditional barriers to enter the entertainment business. Whether you study behind the scenes for six months or want to be a director in eight months, you’ll get mentors who will meet in their studios or production houses to give you the kind of real-world experience that most film grads sadly lack. Our directors track even gives you an additional L.A.-based mentor who will help hone your pitch. We’ll even fly you out to L.A. to meet with this mentor before pitching it to an industry executive who may even buy your project on the spot! Welcome to the future of filmmaking, your Film Connection!

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Don’t Spend More on your Film Education if You Don’t Have to

Located along the Gulf of Mexico on the Florida panhandle, Panama City is a town of just over 36,000 people–a tourist area, especially popular with spring breakers. Its mild weather, beautiful beaches, and close proximity to other cities make it a great area for outdoor location filming. Although it is not particularly known for its film schools, there are several film or television production companies that make their home in Panama City, and other filmmaking hotspots like Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando are within driving distance. If you are looking for a career in filmmaking, whether as a film director, film producer, film editor, or otherwise, Panama City is a pleasant alternative to the hustle-bustle craziness of New York, L.A., or Orlando.

Some of the movies that have been filmed in Panama City and surrounding areas include The Truman Show, Ruby in Paradise, Stone Cold, and Midway. This area has its share of television production, also, having hosted the series CollegeTown USA, episodes of Modern Marvels, and mini-series The Winds of War and War and Remembrance, just to name a few.

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Get Real World Film Production Experience in Panama City

FILM CONNECTION of Panama City offers an inexpensive, six-month course that pairs you with a working professional in the film or television industry who serves as your instructor and mentor. During that externship, you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience on real production shoots, plus you’ll make vital contacts with other industry people who do the hiring.  In fact, many of our FILM CONNECTION graduates find permanent positions, often even before they are finished with school. Check out our film school alternative, and see what we can do for you!

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Our Panama City Film Industry Mentors Help you Build Real World Connections

Learn the skills you need to take your idea from paper to the big screen.

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