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Student Quotes

Our mentors take a personal interest in your success.

“I like working with my mentor a lot, and I don’t want to misrepresent him by sounding like a bootlicker, however I will say that I have learned more things I actually want to know from him than from the accumulated sources of knowledge that I have collected in my entire life. Math? Nah, I don’t need that trash. Lighting? Absolutely fascinating!”

Learn the ins and outs of the film profession.

“The lesson was about the higher-arch of film production. What roles there are in the crew. I found the lesson very educational. It gave me an idea about what jobs might become available to me and what position I may assume as I progress in my career. I never realized that so much responsibility could fall on just one member of a film crew, like the 1st assistant director. It is a role I look forward to one day challenging myself with.”

Real experience, real connections.

“This week I participated in a 48 hour film festival based in Richmond, VA. For this assignment I had the role of production assistant. All total we had a cast and crew of about twenty members for a short film to be shot within one day with post on the next day. We as a cast and crew were able to complete our task for the production and as I write this blog post the film is now in post production. This experience for me is unbeatable. I was able to be on a set for a full day surrounded by artists who are all dedicated to their craft and love to work hard. I learned a lot about the realities of filmmaking and what it takes to complete a film. As I continue to learn, my roles on a set will increase and soon I know I’ll be a major factor on a set. I was happy and grateful for the opportunity to even be apart of the festival. I know the short we created will do well in the judging next week and I hope the audience at the premiere enjoys what we put together.”

Work with your mentor on real shoots.

“This week I was able to go with my mentor and his crew to film a project in the local courthouse. It was a very exciting experience for me, and I am looking forward to doing it again.”

Get your feet wet.

“This program definitely puts you on your feet. Week two and I am already doing sound for an interview!”

Your mentor will help you succeed.

“As of now I have typed 44 pages of my screenplay and e-mail them to my mentor. I am finding from my conversations with my mentor and from doing the required reading that the tips have been very valuable. As I type I am altering entire scenes from how I had originally written. I believe the adjustments improve the story greatly.”

Learn by doing.

“I’m getting closer towards the end of what has been a great experience for me. This week I spent more time editing projects with stills and video. One of the projects involved an ad for a furniture company. While creating a promotional video with stills for them I was able to come up with some creative ideas for the project to possibly enhance what my mentor had already done. I am continuing to develop my editing skills with the time that I have. The craft, though still not easy, is becoming less and less difficult for me thanks to practice. I look forward to next week, we may have a shoot that will provide me with more hands on experience and film set time.”

Real shoots, real experience.

“My externship has gone great so far and I’ve been learning a ton. I’ve done livestreams of games, done a lot of editing, and got some sets ready for shoots. I’ve gotten to do so much already and I’m really excited for what’s to come.”

Learn on the set, not in a classroom.

“Being on set was definitely a great experience and I learned a lot of nuances that you wouldn’t know otherwise. Although it was a long day, it was successful and we got most of the shots done that we intended to get in that day. I’m certainly looking forward to the next time I get to be on set.”

Learn by doing.

“In last week’s session I had the opportunity to shadow my mentor as he was the Director of Photography for a promotional shoot on a show. This was an awesome day for me. The project was exciting and I learned a lot from the few hours spent there. My responsibilities included set up and take down as well as audio recording. I was able to see my mentor perform his job and get tips on how to do certain things while on a set. I had been a part of a couple interview shoots, but none like this one. This shoot was about telling a local businesses story. Their businesses beginnings, their craft, and their purpose were all explored in the interviews. We were able to get some amazing footage from the interviews and the shots of the building we worked in. I look forward to more shoots like this one in my future and I am glad was able to be a part of this one.”

Receive personalized advice from your mentor.

“It’s so great talking to my mentor about my film ideas – I don’t often have people to float my ideas to other than friends and family, and the fact that he was so supportive really gave me a lot of confidence.”

Learn from a seasoned professional

“I learned how to break down the script and how to precisely budget each and every shot of each and every scene. My mentor is excellent and has ran is production company for over 30 years. He helped to understand the importance of the budget and how to take everything into consideration while planning out the story.”

Learn the ropes from someone who has been in the industry for decades.

“I learned how to break down the script and how to precisely budget each and every shot of each and every scene. My mentor is excellent and has ran is production company for over 30 years. He helped to understand the importance of the budget and how to take everything into consideration while planning out the story.”

Build connections as you learn.

“My mentor has had several clients recently: a TV crew from Britain, a photographer, and an accountant that we will be shooting some stuff for. I am kinda excited about the latter, he says I will get to work on that one!”

Find your dream job.

I actually got the job and I am now working as a Studio Camera Operator for News Channel 5 in West Palm Beach. I am so happy and I just wanted to thank Film Connection for all that they have provided so I can get the skills and experience I needed to help me get this position.

Challenge yourself!

“Thank you for the one of the greatest experiences of my life. My mentor is an awesome guy with great professionalism and knowledge!”

Learn one on one from a seasoned filmmaker.

“My mentor has been amazing, and continues to check in with me and give advice, even when we are swamped with production work. I continue to find this program to be enlightening and fulfilling. And sometimes stressful, but that’s the business.”

Learn to work with professionals.

“The last lesson was extremely interesting from the point of view that it dealt with coping with crew members and cast, their unique personalities, and how to maximize performance and work output. It was a real eye-opener in the sense that it got you to explore your own personality and find a common-ground upon which to work efficiently and minimize conflict. It brought home the reality that as a filmmaker you may have to provide leadership to a large number of people. The assignment highlighted the traits required to pull this off successfully.”

Build industry connections as you learn.

“In this week’s session we continued to explore editing with two separate projects that we filmed several weeks ago. I was able to continue to input some ideas that I have and contribute more to both projects. I am continuing to learn new techniques and different methods of editing. I have come to realize that editing in itself is not particularly difficult only that learning how to edit and becoming a professional demands the time input above all else. The longer a person edits the more skilled they will become and I am excited to continue on this journey. The lesson this week covered storyboards and the director’s workbook. We are now exploring the position of a director, a position that Jack specializes in. Our sessions are becoming more interesting as we go along and I am still learning substantial amounts about film production just in more detail. We are also working with other artists in the area that my mentor knows. Through these new people I am meeting, I am getting more contacts and learning from others in the business as well.

I am really enjoying the process, the hard work, and the time spent trying to figure things out.”

Learn by doing.

“Today was a learning experience for sure. While doing our video that we shot from the week before, we decided we needed to do voiceovers. The studio where we were at, however, was being used, so we were unable to use those microphones and record them. So like a real filmmaker, when we encountered a problem like this, we thought out of the box for an alternative idea. We went into a quiet room, set up a camera very close to the person speaking, and recorded voiceovers for every scene. Then we went back to edit it. It was an interesting lesson and I learned a lot from it, especially learning how to cope with situations.”

Get your foot in the door.

“I’m almost nearing the end of this program and I can already say that I learned a whole lot doing this, more than I learned going to college!”

Learn editing from expert film editors.

“My mentor advised me to pay attention, and be engaged in how you edit – listen to the words. Editing happens in your head. Knowing every word is key to putting it in a nice sequence. There are no small jobs in this business, you should leave yourself notes when logging video and make it as if you’ve never seen it before. I really appreciated this advice.”

Challenge Yourself

“Through this program I have been introduced to many aspects of film production unknown by me before the beginning of my study. The incoming flow of information has been consistent leading me to learn at a fast pace. The experience only gets better as time goes on. There is always something new and interesting. I know Jack really wants to see me as well as his other students succeed. All we have to do is show up and put in the work, at his studio and at home. I am able to ask questions and am given any help that I could possibly need. I’m far from being a professional but this path that I am taking will certainly help to get me there.

The work is hard but exciting and rewarding. As my experience grows and my skills improve I am looking forward to the remainder of the program. The weeks we are approaching are filled with big assignments, allowing me to do more. This program is allowing me to learn my craft, meet quality people and do amazing work. After only eight weeks I know attending The Film Connection is one of the best decisions that I have made.”

Work with your mentor on real projects.

“We actually just finished a short film, last week. I was producing with Sam (mentor) we had just competed a feature film script. We had an audition with actors and actresses and we are ready to start our project in 2013 (Titled: ‘Live Free OR Die’ to be partially shot in Egypt.). We also have some projects on April, May and June of this year. A short film and another feature film, Sam will be directing and I will be assisting. This will start shooting in May, and in June I will be directing another short film (Titled: ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’)”

Gain a working knowledge of the film industry.

“I started going to college for film production, but as time went on I realized that I wasn’t gaining the knowledge or making the right connections I knew I would need if I wanted to achieve my goals. I needed to find something that would provide a “hands on” learning experience, as well as opportunities to work with people who were already in the industry. That’s when I started looking into The Film Connection.”


Finding Success With The Film Connection

by Brian Kraft
Consultant for Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools

The Film Connection was constructed for one purpose in mind. We want you to succeed. We want you to become a massive superstar. We want you to be able to be one of our mentors one day. We want you to enter our program as a nobody and then work you way to the top. We want you to be the next Kevin Smith or David Fincher or Charlie Kaufman. The search for success is something that has been the undoing of many a great individual. Well, thankfully, due to the Film Connection, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You can enroll in the Film Connection’s film school wherever you are and you’ll be able to access the entertainment industry instantly. We have film school locations all over the United States. The end goal of our film school is to fly you out to Hollywood and have you pitch your movie to a real Hollywood agent. We help you develop whatever ideas you may have into a screenplay, we help you shoot some proof-of-concept films, and we introduce you to the agent. All you have to do is show up and be brilliant! The Film Connection’s purpose is to connect you with people in the industry. That’s why you’ll be working in a real production company while you’re writing your script. You’ll be making connections with people from all areas of the industry. You’ll be meeting other writers, producers, grips, P.A.s and directors. You’ll be really sinking your teeth into the world of film while you’re in our school. You’ll be able to really immerse yourself in the industry. The Film Connection is your best bet for getting your foot in the door. You’ll be working towards making your dreams come true with people who’ve already done exactly what you’re trying to do. You’ll be gaining traction in all areas of your career. Interpersonally, externally, and professionally. You’ll be making the connections you’ll need, you’ll be making the work that you’ll need show people, and you’ll be gaining the experience that will get you hired.

Film Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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