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Student Quotes

My mentor is really teaching me a lot.

“My mentor is an awesome guy. He’s been keeping me busy with projects and shoots and I’m learning so much, it’s unbelievable. His staff is really nice and they keep me engaged. My mentor is really teaching me a lot.”

I have noticed a difference lately in my confidence

“I have noticed a difference lately in my confidence in completing tasks for my mentor. Up until recently, whenever my mentor asked me to do something involving any sort of video software, I felt like someone who had just jumped in the ocean without a life jacket and was trying to teach themselves to swim. This week, I started keeping my head above water. While I still have to look through my old notes on how to batch rename a collection of go pro images, I was able to do it on my own this week!”

Watching this process makes me realize how much I have to learn.

“The second half of the day today, I was able to sit and observe my mentor working with two other MIHP employees to put together a pitch for a possible television show. I got a chance to watch how quickly a piece can be put together and how much frankenbiting and manipulating footage can change the context of what was actually going on in the footage. Watching this process makes me realize how much I have to learn.”

I want to thank you and everyone at the Film Connection for this AMAZING opportunity.

“So here we are at the end of the week and the last night in LA. It has been great! Very eye opening and I’m sad to leave. I want to thank you and everyone at the Film Connection for this AMAZING opportunity. I will be in touch with you as my script/story further develops. Since taking this trip I really feel like I belong in the art department. Like its where I’m supposed to go. And with this trip its becoming more realistic the possibility of me actually achieving becoming a production designer or art director. Thank you again!”

He gave me one idea that totally captured my imagination.

“My screenwriting mentor totally saved the day. He gave me one idea that totally captured my imagination. I’ve been working on the idea and plotting it out before I put it in my script. I have pretty much written the idea all down on my legal pad. I want to have it charted out first before I actually start “writing” it. I’m really grateful for my mentor! He really came through for me.”

This week we had a shoot in Los Angeles for the World Radio Summit.

“This week we had a shoot in Los Angeles for the World Radio Summit. The event was held at the Roosevelt Hotel across the street from the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. This was a 2-camera shoot for a company that was presenting their product in one of the sessions. Following my mentors direction, I first shot some B-roll of the event and then climbed on one of the platforms with the rest of the cameras and shot the session!”

What a week!

“What a week! I finished my horror film teaser finally and uploaded it for the world to see. The teaser, in my humble opinion, is pretty bad ass. I think I’ve watched it like fifty times now. The only problem is that my teaser puts my script to shame and now I have to think of ways to make my script match the teaser!”

Going back today and I can’t wait!

“I was with the indie crew from 5:30pm – 8:30 pm and was able to meet Reggie Hayes yesterday while on the set. I was nervous at first but that went away really fast when I learned all kinds of cool stuff from the editor. Going back today and I can’t wait!”

Now, I’m onto my script with the first act done.

“At the studio with my mentor, things are going well. I’ve been put on as AD for many projects which kept me busy. Now, I’m onto my script with the first act done. I’m still trying to tie in my third act with my first act. I have those acts plotted out except for my bridge!”

I look forward to my next lesson!

“I arrived around ten which my day was spent learning about and the ISO, the Iris, Zoom, Shutter Speed and Frame Rates. I also played around with those functions for the rest of my time there. I must say that slowly I am starting to understand how it all functions and I look forward to my next lesson!”

I really enjoyed my first day at the studio.

“Great experience! I really enjoyed my first day at the studio. The mentor was sharp and really hands on,. He made us all feel comfortable. My fellow apprentices were cool and all down to earth and friendly. I can’t wait for the next class session!”

I finished my first unofficial editing project this weekend!

“I finished my first unofficial editing project this weekend! I put together a short video of my Godson’s first birthday party. I created something similar for my nieces a few years ago and the difference in the speed of my work on the two projects is substantial. I have been trying out the different settings over the weekend so I can figure out what works the best for me. I am looking forward to starting week three.”

Learn from Legendary Film Directors

“I have to admit I was very nervous and excited to be in a production studio and learn from one of the best film directors in the industry. My first lesson was on the camera, which was very interesting and a little complicated. My mentor really broke it down to me little by little. I was able to work with the camera myself using both the techniques from the book and a few of my mentor’s techniques. I can honestly say I left our session understanding how to not only turn my camera on, but actually shoot footage!”

The only way to break into the film industry is to gain real experience.

“This week my mentor asked me to go through some of the footage from a show MIHP produces and put together some footage to send to a news station that is doing a piece on the show. While the clips that I cut together are just going to be looked through and then taken from, this still felt like my first official assignment. I was pretty nervous about selecting the best clips from the footage and making sure to use the shortcut keys I have learned so far. I think this was a perfect first step for me to work on!”

Real shoots, real stakes.

“We didn’t actually start shooting until almost noon. Starting so much later than I planned was very stressful, but once things got going it was actually fun. I never felt that good! Though we also wrapped later than planned, around 6pm. I look forward to the next time I get to do a shoot like that.”

Learn the film business and get your project off the ground.

“I’ve also been trained on budgeting a project! Woot woot! I have been looking forward to this for some time and plan to get more out of the budgeting and scheduling of the business too.”

Learn the resources you need to get your movie made.

“This evening, I showed my mentor my footage. He gave me some feedback as well as my new assignment. Before, I filmed my wife doing her daily routine. Now, I must film just a short scene utilizing various angles and cuts. Also, he showed me how to use audio, visual and special effects in Premier Pro. I learned how to do color correction, add sound effects and transitions, adjust volume, and how to get free sound clips – they’re everywhere on the internet and free. It was great working with Dan”

Are you ready to take the next step?

“Today I met with my script writing mentor in addition to Eli from the film connection whom I’ve been working with. My screenwriting mentor was not only passionate and knowledgeable about movies but a wealth of knowledge (in general). I learned a lot just from a phone session with him. The business of screenwriting is not for the faint of heart believe me. I’m here and I’ve made the pledge to continue on.”

Learn how to write screenplays that get funded.

“Chapter Four in the book was all about screenwriting. It laid out what my stories need to be compelling pieces and what I need to do to be a successful writer. I feel far more confident as I begin my beat sheets and my script after this week.”

Your mentor will teach you the film-making process, from start to finish.

“I met with my mentor. We shot a twenty second-long short, and he showed me how to use Adobe Premier Pro to edit it. He shot me getting up, walking across the room, and getting a glass of water. Pretty simple, right? Not really. It was great watching Dan set up the shots and listening as he walked me through his thought process. I found it tremendously insightful. I got to take a step into his mind as he figured out the details, of which there were quite a few for such a simple shoot.”

The best place to learn the film business is on location.

“The second week started with something special. My mentor had a gig to shoot an award ceremony so he asked me if I wanted to go along. We got to the location and starting setting up the room for the interviews. Whiles setting up he went over the basic lighting kit, the position and purpose of each light, the position of the subject to the background and to the camera, the basics of how an interview is conducted. In between interview, he let me take the camera into the main room to get some creative (B-roll) shots of the ceremony. So here I am, on my third day with Film Connection, helping with interviewing foreign diplomats and VPs of major regional banks, along with great artists.”

Make the hero’s journey.

“One thing that I find crazy or weird is that I just recently made major changes in my life and whatever I was feeling on those days somehow corresponded to what I was reading in The Writer’s Journey. I am making the hero’s journey in real life.”

Checking in with Film Connection Graduate Ruben Rodriguez Perez

Former Film Connection student Ruben Rodriguez Perez is now a current Film Connection success! After completing the program at the end of 2013 with his mentor Jae MacAllen at YoYo String Visual Media, Ruben has made the transition from extern to working professional. When recalling his experience with the Film Connection, Ruben notes, “Having an experienced professional invite you to gigs, explain things, and being a source of consultation was awesome. It gave me the confidence, exposure, and expertise to comfortably offer my services in other projects as well as start my own.”

Ruben also recalls how his work schedule was a bit hectic, yet he was able to balance his passion for cinema with working long weeks. “They (YoYoString Visual Media) were very accommodating with my schedule since I was a full time employee at Microsoft at the time, while still trying to kick off a documentary filmmaking career,” Ruben states. The best part about his relationship with the studio is that it continues on today with his former mentor. “I get to work with Jae every once in a while and have been doing some freelance work with other production companies and indie projects as well,” said Ruben. Look for Ruben Rodriguez Perez to go the distance as he continues to work and grow with his former mentor, current clients, and future ideas!

Learn what it takes to make it in one of the most exclusive industries.

“I am in the part of the Writers Journey where it talks about Star Wars and it’s amazing. Not that I didn’t already love the series, but all the little sub text that is going on is crazy. As I wrap up the book I am getting excited to start my own screenplay!”

Review your screenplay with a major Hollywood screenwriter.

“One thing that really excited me recently was my showing a screenplay of mine to a person who has been successful in the script writing business. It was really exciting for me to be able to show a script of mine to some person already involved in Hollywood, and who also has some connections to people in this biz.”


Finding Success With The Film Connection

by Brian Kraft
Consultant for Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools

The Film Connection was constructed for one purpose in mind. We want you to succeed. We want you to become a massive superstar. We want you to be able to be one of our mentors one day. We want you to enter our program as a nobody and then work you way to the top. We want you to be the next Kevin Smith or David Fincher or Charlie Kaufman. The search for success is something that has been the undoing of many a great individual. Well, thankfully, due to the Film Connection, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You can enroll in the Film Connection’s film school wherever you are and you’ll be able to access the entertainment industry instantly. We have film school locations all over the United States. The end goal of our film school is to fly you out to Hollywood and have you pitch your movie to a real Hollywood agent. We help you develop whatever ideas you may have into a screenplay, we help you shoot some proof-of-concept films, and we introduce you to the agent. All you have to do is show up and be brilliant! The Film Connection’s purpose is to connect you with people in the industry. That’s why you’ll be working in a real production company while you’re writing your script. You’ll be making connections with people from all areas of the industry. You’ll be meeting other writers, producers, grips, P.A.s and directors. You’ll be really sinking your teeth into the world of film while you’re in our school. You’ll be able to really immerse yourself in the industry. The Film Connection is your best bet for getting your foot in the door. You’ll be working towards making your dreams come true with people who’ve already done exactly what you’re trying to do. You’ll be gaining traction in all areas of your career. Interpersonally, externally, and professionally. You’ll be making the connections you’ll need, you’ll be making the work that you’ll need show people, and you’ll be gaining the experience that will get you hired.

Film Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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