One-on-one training and mentoring

One-on-one training and mentoring

While all the steps in this program must be completed in order for you to become familiar with the many areas of the film and television production business, the program is tailored to your individual goals.


After you have been interviewed and accepted by a local mentor at a film or TV studio in your area, we will mail your course materials, supplies and all the gear you will need to begin training. You will begin to perfect your newly learned skills by studying the theory at home at your own pace. In addition, you will also schedule training sessions a few days a week at your local studio. You work directly with your mentor one-on-one (no distractions from other classmates). Your mentor reviews your assignments and demos which, once completed, are submitted to our headquarters, and then to an even higher ranking professional in the industry for final reviewing, critiquing and grading.


All mentors associated with the Film Connection are working professionals. We believe strongly that you should be trained by those who are in the business, not by individuals who were once in the business (maybe) and are now in a classroom.


Training Schedules


The Film Connection is a self-paced course. Students who can go to the studio 20 hours or more a week will finish within 6-9 months. Those who can only go 10 hours or less a week (because of their current job situation) will take longer. Keep in mind you can train  around your current job, even nights and weekends. Again you train at your own pace and around your own schedule. However, it should be noted that many of our students are hired on permanently before they have even finished the program.


Your actual training schedule is determined once you have been interviewed and accepted by the film studio or production facility chosen in your area. Most scheduling involves two or three training sessions per week. You also need to spend an hour or two everyday of your own time on the theory portion of the program to develop your skills in the job area you have chosen. As you master these skills, you are laying the groundwork for your new career in the movie and television industry.
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