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Film Connection students and mentors at Dances with Films film festival project: Doucheaholics | Guerilla Films

Tips for Film Networking

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” – Just about everyone Nothing too earth-shattering about that quote. You’ve probably heard it a hundred times while trying to find work in the film...

Get Work in Film | Film Connection

How to Get Work in Film?

How to Get Work in the Film Industry? Although every industry has its share of “insider” hires, the film industry can be notoriously difficult to break into. Once film directors, cinematographers, and other production...

Working as 1st AD (Assistant Director) is Film Connection graduate Shaylah Conley (in green) and the crew of short film “Sweet Lemonade”

How to Network in the Film Industry?

Finding a foothold in the film industry, or many other creative fields, can oftentimes come down to who you know rather than what you know. This can make things pretty frustrating if you’re looking...