Career in Film Directing

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Career in Film Directing

Welcome to the Film Connection Directing Program…the film school alternative that trains you to be a director as it helps you to make real-world film connections in your city or town. That’s right—with the Film Connection, you will be put right in front of the people doing the hiring as you learn to be a filmmaker. Did you ever imagine that you could learn how to be a film director, from a director? Did you ever think that there existed an institution that not only trained you but actually tried to get you paid work even before you graduated? And did you ever think that tuition could cost less than most of the others? Think it too good to be true? Well, think again. The Film Connection Film school alternative is here, and here to stay. We’re the common-sense answer to overpriced film schools that leave you unemployed, in debt, and underqualified.

If you are accepted into our film program, the Film Connection will place you with a professional film, commercial, TV, or film video director within one hour to 90 minutes of where you live. This professional filmmaker becomes your personal tutor, your private mentor if you like, and he or she will teach you just about all you need to know to get your start in the film business, In addition to that, your mentor will introduce you to his or her connections in the film business by placing you on real movie, TV, commercial or film video projects. Now compare that with sitting in some overcrowded, OVERPRICED college classroom…it’s the biggest “no brainer” in the history of film school education…


The Film Connection Directing program is designed as an intensive eight month course that will teach you all aspects of directing a film, as well what you need to know to start the engines to make your first film, film video, commercial, or web cast. What that means is this: your private tutor/mentor will help you get your first film off the ground as he or she introduces you to his or her contacts in the film business.


The film director is the artistic mind behind the film production. He or she decides on the main themes that will be expressed in the production and how to use the various tools available to express that theme. The director decides on “the look” of the film, casting, costumes, production design, editing, film, and more. Most of the work that needs to be done by the director is delegated to his or her crew, so to be able to communicate the vision of the film effectively, the director must have a very specific idea of what he or she wants to see up on the screen before he or she steps foot on the set.


It is the director’s job to communicate and express the main themes of the production and to understand the technical tools available to express those themes. To do this, the director must know two main things:


With this in mind, the Film Connection Film Program was written to give our students the two main components necessary to be a successful filmmaker: CREATIVITY, AND THE TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW TO COMMUNICATE AND ACCOMPLISH YOUR CINEMATIC VISION WITH CONFIDENCE. Said another way, we will help you get that first film project out of your head and onto paper, and then show you how to communicate that vision using the language of cinema. As you learn these two things, you will also be making real-world connections by externing on real film sets. With the Film Connection, you make connections and learn on real film sets as you learn the art of directing from a professional director, one-on-one.

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“I am learning directing from a professional director named Brian Kraft ( We meet once per week and go over my film, the film I hope to make one day. We go over the script and screen writing, the pitch, the budget, the casting, cinematography, costumes, everything…my mentor also calls his contacts in the business and gets me on real film sets where I am working in every department. To date I have worked in the art department, the camera depts.., and with the producers. I am learning all about real filmmaking by working on real films as my mentor shows me how to get my pet project off the ground. At first I was real skeptical of this method, it just sounded too good to be true. But it’s real. This program works because one-on-one education is the best way to learn anything.”
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