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A Long-Term Mentorship

Nick Durante graduated from Film Connection nearly eight years ago, and has since built an impressive career in film production, as well as, maintained his relationship with his mentor, Richard...

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Carole Rinn

Based on a True Story

Carole Rinn is a graduate of Film Connection, who recently completed her first feature length screenplay, Unfolding. The topical and hard hitting drama is based on her own experiences facing...

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An image of Mantra Marie Bedross holding a dog overlooking a valley.

Queen of Trash

Mantra Marie Bedross is a lifelong treasure hunter who, over the past four years, has channeled her obsession with stuff into a career in film as a prop master. Her...

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Image of Garrett Nelson standing in an empty room.

The Champagne Break

Garrett Nelson is famous throughout Europe as a performance artist, installation artist, and poet. His work has been lauded by art critics and showcased by some of the most prestigious...

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A family photo with a young Gavin Checchi and his father Bobby Checchi.

A First Home Run

24-year old Film Connection graduate Gavin Checchi recently sent his premiere short, The Last Home Run, out into the film festival circuit. The poignant and emotionally vulnerable short has already...

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Mariannjely Marval

A Vital Perspective

Since graduating the program in 2021, Mariannjely Marval has continued to work with her mentor, Richard Brandes. Their collaborative script, Devious Deeds, hit the market, was quickly optioned, and is...

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