Film Education

Film producer and Film Connection mentor and female student with camera in production company to help illustrate careers in cinematography.

Careers in Cinematography

Working in close contact with the director on epic blockbusters–or acting as the director on smaller productions–a cinematographer is responsible for how a movie or television show looks on the...

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Camera operator being pushed along tracks on dolly to illustrate cinematographer equipment

Today’s Cinematographer Equipment

Cinematographers, also known as directors of photography, work behind the scenes to capture every visual element necessary to bring a story to life. They work closely with directors to ensure...

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A small monitor on a big camera movie camera to illustrate what does a cinematographer do?

What Does a Cinematographer Do?

A cinematographer, also known as a director of photography (DP), is a key member of the film or video production team. What does a cinematographer do? Their primary responsibility is...

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How to Pitch a Movie Idea

How to Sell a Movie Idea Getting your movie idea in front of the right people can be tricky, especially if you’re an inexperienced filmmaker. But fret not! Film Connection...

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WHAT DOES A GAFFER DO? The gaffer serves as the chief electrician on a film. They are in charge of all electrical work on a film. The term gaffer is an old-English...

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What Does a Line Producer do? The line producer is the unsung hero of the movie business. They are in charge of all business aspects of production (below-the-line costs) and...

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The key grip is in charge of all the other grips in his department on a shoot. There are two types of key grips: one works with the camera department...

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