Hollywood is the place where everyone goes to score big, become famous and become rich. However, most people who work in Hollywood do not get any of these things. Besides acting, the highest paying film careers go to producers.

A producer can be many things. A producer can be a writer, an investor, an idea person, a manager, or all of these things rolled into one. The executive producer is in charge of the production group, and is responsible for every single aspect of filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production. During pre-production, the producer reads scripts and has writers, directors, and agents to pitch ideas.

The next highest paying film careers are directors.

Directors oversee the artistic vision of a film. Directors take no park in the financial side of filmmaking, unless they are also a producer. Directors work very closely with the producers during pre-production to decide the best way to visually represent the script. Directors are in charge of a crew that is usually made up of cinematographers, art directors, cameramen, casting directors and sometimes even actors. The director also has the final say on the movie, even over the producer. Directors work with actors and coach them on the best way to read their lines and express emotions. The director also works with the cinematographer to make sure that everything is being faithfully and artistically recorded.

Screenwriters also make the list of the highest paying film careers. A screenwriter can become involved with a film project by writing a script and shop it around to agents and producers. In some cases, screenwriters will be hired later in the process, after a producer or director has developed an idea. This is a notoriously difficult field to get into. Successful screenwriters don’t even have to write scripts. Through their agent, they can get appointments with producers to pitch an idea for a script. Some screenwriters start out as playwrights, journalists, novelists, or other types of professional writers. This industry is so difficult to get into that it is suggested that a person must have connections to break into the field.

Film and video editors perform one of the most important jobs in Hollywood. A director may shoot hundreds of hours of film that needs to be edited down to a concrete 90-minuts. A good editor will pick out scenes and shots that best tell the story according to the director’s specific vision. This job involves sitting in front of a console of computer monitors, shaving seconds off of shots and editing film.

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