Digital animators are behind some of the biggest motion pictures of our times.  James Cameron’s Avatar is an excellent example of how digital animation can take center stage in today’s pop cultural milieu.  Digital animation careers are possible in a number of different industries.  Animation houses produce cartoons for the movies and TV while the Internet also offers a great variety of opportunities for talented digital animators.  Video games also employ digital animation often based on the use of motion capture technology.

Careers in digital animation offer the chance to work in highly creative environments, producing work that will be widely consumed.  Becoming a digital animator is a good career move if you’re artistically talented and technically savvy.

It takes some training to become a digital animator.  Many candidates for entry-level positions in animation have degrees in related fields like fine arts or media.  However there are a number of schools that offer vocational training specifically in animation.  In fact there are animation schools that are both degree oriented and independent.

Big-budget animation pictures like Pixar’s Up employ literally hundreds of animators some of who went to college but many of whom did not.  Apprenticeships and mentoring programs are another good way into the animation business.  Digital animation extern trainees can learn their technique in a real working digital animation house and make industry connections while they learn.  In this way mentor-externship programs offer an advantage over conventional degree programs.

The high number of opportunities for digital animators on the Internet also creates a wider job market for people interested in digital animating careers.  The web is simply abuzz with ads of one kind or another that dance or move in some eye-catching manner.  Bands, movies and even restaurants feature flash animations on their landing pages.  The web is expanding and the demand for animation on the web is only increasing.

Video games offer another good opportunity for those looking into careers in animation.  The video game business is absolutely booming and the production of video games is becoming closer to that of a motion picture.  Motion capture technology serves at the backbone of much video game animation.  Learning motion capture technique is integral to working as an animator in the video game industry.

Whether you acquire your training in college or in an externship program, it’s important to acquire some training.  Animation is a growing field but it is also highly competitive.  If you’re serious about a career as an animator you need to explore the options and find the course that best serve you in achieving your career goals.

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