Going through film school and receiving a film school degree may not be the best decision for those who want to work in the film industry in the future. Diplomas and names of schools do not matter to anyone in the film industry. A formal education does nothing for future directors, producers, and cinematographers. Creativity, and the ability to market yourself is what you really need to succeed in the film industry. In entertainment, the competition is so difficult that most companies stick to hiring people they know or people that come very well recommended to them. Popularity rules in the entertainment industry, and in order to get anywhere, you must have a strong network of connections who will be able to get you where you want to go.

Networking is very important for those going into the film industry. When people know you and like you, they are much more likely to hire you for a job over someone else. The reasons are simple, when people already know you, they can be sure that they will be working with a person they like and get along with. They also know more about you and your work habits, so they get a sense of reliability from people they know rather than a stranger.

Even if you are extremely shy and have no idea how to network, this is something you must get over and do if you want to work in any field. Start by socializing with friends, meeting friends of friends, and even making connections with your parent’s friends. The most you practice, the better you become at networking, until you are a pro at meeting people. Learning how to network will get you much further in the film industry than having a film school degree.

Film school can be very expensive, and not worth it. The film industry really does look to hire individuals who are smart, creative, memorable, and bring something to the table, not someone who is just book smart. By going to school, students are missing out on the vital experience they need in order to have a better job in the future. Also, professors in most colleges and universities have not worked in the entertainment field for a long time, and are unable to tell students what the current business or job market it like.

Getting a film school degree can very a very expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Instead, students are encouraged to go and call every film studio in their area, asking for a job, internship, or externship. This kind of work and determination will get you your dream job.

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