Film Education

A Screenwriter College That Is Right for You
Posted: 07/23/2012

The point is, you need more than just an education if you hope to make it in the film industry. You also need connections, and you need to learn how to work those connections to your advantage. The truth is, most film schools aren’t going to give you the opportunity to make those connections, much less teach you how to network. Attending screenwriter college can help you with some aspects of your career, but you need a way to connect to the industry, as well. Read More


The Best Kind of Film Director School
Posted: 07/23/2012

If you want to be a film director, you should know that not every film school offers what you need; you need a director school, one that will focus on your particular needs as a film director. Most film schools can teach you the ins and outs and technical skills of working in film, but you need more than that as a film director. You need a different type of training, one that will equip you with the skills you need in order to lead. Read More


Finding a Good Movie School
Posted: 07/20/2012

If you plan on becoming a filmmaker, you’re probably on the hunt for a good movie school—a school that will teach you how to make movies. Film schools are in abundance these days across the country, ranging from short-term trade schools to advanced degree programs at prestigious colleges and universities. The options are so many, in fact, that deciding on the right school can be a difficult task. Read More


Finding a Good Movie School
Posted: 07/18/2012

Some film students these days are looking for alternative methods to start their film careers, and one of these alternatives is to look for externship opportunities within the industry—that is, on-the-job training. While many people don’t have the connections to make this happen for themselves, one excellent way to get in the door is by enrolling in a film school that uses the mentor-extern approach. Read More


Should You Become a Film Major?
Posted: 07/15/2012

Want to become a famous film director or film producer? If so, you might be wondering whether you should become a film major at a college or university with a good film school. It seems a reasonable enough thing to do; one would assume that earning a film degree would add credibility to your resume and show people, not only that you’re educated, but that you are serious about a film career. Read More


Finding the Best Film School for You
Posted: 07/12/2012

These days, it’s fairly easy to find a film school to attend; it’s not so easy to narrow the choices down to the best film school for you. Contrary to common belief, the most expensive film school isn’t necessarily the best; neither is it the school with the largest amount of equipment, or the longest wait list. The film industry is not like other fields where a college degree or diploma adds credibility to a job candidate… Read More


The Best Type of Film Producer School
Posted: 07/09/2012

There are certain aspects of being a film producer that you won’t necessarily learn by attending film school. A producer doesn’t just need to know how to make movies—a producer needs to be a leader, an administrator, a visionary, a go-getter, and a fundraiser, among other things. The producer of a film is basically the person who does whatever is necessary behind the scenes to make sure the movie gets… Read More


The Best Way to Learn Directing, Producing and Screenwriting
Posted: 07/06/2012

There are many aspiring filmmakers who accept the conventional wisdom that says the best way to learn directing, producing and screenwriting is to attend film school. These people typically spend 2-4 years (and sometimes over $100,000) to earn a degree or diploma in film from a college, university or trade school. However, conventional wisdom is not always accurate…. Read More


Why Film School Rankings Don’t Really Matter
Posted: 07/03/2012

While it makes sense to want to attend the best film school possible, the truth is in many cases, these rankings don’t matter that much. The reason? These rankings don’t take into account the most critical factors that make film school worth attending. The primary problem with film schools in general is that they train people in isolated environments away from the “real world”… Read More


How to Decide On the Best Film School for You
Posted: 07/01/2012

It might surprise you to learn that even some of the highest rated film schools face a difficulty with their students when it comes time for those students to get hired. Why? Because it takes more than just an education to get a job in film; it also takes some work experience, along with inside connections. Ironically, for all the money that film schools charge for their film degrees, the industry itself has little or no regard for… Read More


What a Film Major Needs More than Schooling
Posted: 06/27/2012

If you’re thinking of becoming a film major at a college, university or other film school, you’ve chosen an exciting and potentially very rewarding career. You’ve also chosen a very competitive field, one in which you should use each opportunity to its greatest advantage. The fact is, many film students learn the technical and creative skills of filmmaking, but far fewer actually break into the business. Read More


The Best Film Editing Schools: Not What You Think?
Posted: 06/24/2012

In your search for the best film editing schools, it’s important for you to realize that film school might not be all that you think it is. There are plenty of schools out there that teach film editing, along with film production, film directing and so on—and many of these schools do a good job teaching you the technical skills involved. But there’s more to launching a film editing career than just learning to edit film… Read More


Film School or On-the-Job Training?
Posted: 06/21/2012

Tthe reason why so many people succeed without the benefit of film school is that it requires more than just an education to make it in film. The film industry prefers people with prior experience and connections, and actually places little value on degrees or diplomas. While most film schools can teach the technical/practical skills involved, most of them fail to provide students with the chance to gain work experience or make direct connections within the industry itself. Read More


An Alternative Kind of Film Producer School
Posted: 05/29/2012

Are you trying to decide on a film producer school to attend in pursuit of your dream of becoming a movie producer? There are certainly a lot of film schools to choose from these days, ranging from advanced university degree programs to trade school courses lasting a few months, and costing anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000 to complete. How do you know which type of film program is right for you? (Or are any of them right for you?) Read More


Are There Scholarships for Film Directors?
Posted: 05/23/2012

The short answer to the question is yes—there are scholarships available for film school students, the same as for others. The challenge, of course, is in gaining those scholarships. After all, there is only so much scholarship money to go around, and so many students trying to get a piece of that money. Read More


Keeping Film School Debt at a Minimum
Posted: 05/20/2012

It’s a common dilemma among aspiring filmmakers: how do you get a good film school education while keeping film school debt at a minimum? It’s not an easy task; many film schools are very expensive to attend, and there simply is no way to attend them without accruing huge amounts of student debt. Read More


What Makes the Best Film Schools?
Posted: 05/15/2012

Aspiring filmmakers all over the world are looking for the best film schools—those schools which are highly ranked and whose curriculum promises to prepare them for a successful career in film. If you’re going to choose a career path, it’s natural to want to attend the best school that you can in order to prepare for it. Read More


Common Myths about Film School
Posted: 05/8/2012

Are you an aspiring filmmaker considering going to film school to learn to be a film director, film producer, or film editor? Filmmaking has become a very popular career choice in recent years, and if you go to film school, you’re likely to find plenty of other people anxious to get their “big break” in film. Read More


The Film School Snare, and a Film School Alternative
Posted: 05/2/2012

Many people assume that earning a degree in film adds prestige and credibility to a resume, and gives students a better advantage in the film industry job market. However, not only is this untrue (many successful filmmakers never went to film school), but unfortunately many film students run into a potentially career-crippling snare when enrolling in traditional film programs. Read More


Why Filmmaking Schools Don’t Help Your Career
Posted: 02/29/2012

Most filmmaking schools have no direct connection to the film industry itself, and/or cannot help their students make those connections. No matter how good the education is, it is nearly impossible to get a job in the film industry without connections—so without connections, the education is basically worthless. Read More


Can Film Schools In Los Angeles Help Your Career?
Posted: 02/28/2012

If you’re checking out film schools in Los Angeles in the hope of launching a career as a Hollywood film producer or director, there are a few things you ought to know before you enroll in one. It is frequently assumed that film school is necessary to have a career in film, and it is also frequently assumed that young filmmakers who go to school in L.A. have a better chance of breaking into film. Read More


Is Film School Worth It?
Posted: 02/25/2012

If you are thinking of becoming a film director or film producer, you might be asking the question: is film school worth it? With so many directors these days succeeding without having gone to film school, is it worth the cost of tuition to earn a degree in film? Read More


Do I Need to Attend a Filmmaking School?
Posted: 02/22/2012

Believe it or not, it isn’t that important at all. Earning a film degree does not increase your chances for success in this business. In the eyes of the film industry, all the degree tells people is that you went to film school; it does not tell them if you’re any good at what you do. What DOES increase your chances for success is having connections, along with some real industry experience. Read More


What’s the Point of Going to Film School?
Posted: 02/19/2012

This is a question being asked by a growing number of aspiring filmmakers these days. Film schools are usually quite expensive, and their programs can take years to complete; yet there are a disturbing number of graduates from these schools that are still struggling to find work even after going to school. At the same time, there are success stories like Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas Anderson, James Cameron, David Fincher, Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino—all famous directors who found success without the help of film school. Read More


Is Film School a Waste?
Posted: 02/16/2012

This is a question being asked by a growing number of aspiring filmmakers these days. Film schools are usually quite expensive, and their programs can take years to complete; yet there are a disturbing number of graduates from these schools that are still struggling to find work even after going to school. At the same time, there are success stories like Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas Anderson, James Cameron, David Fincher, Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino—all famous directors who found success without the help of film school. Read More


Is Film School Good for Career Training in Film?
Posted: 02/13/2012

Is film school good for career training in film?” This is a question often asked by aspiring filmmakers, film producers and film directors. While in many other professions it is absolutely necessary to have a formal education, with the film industry it is not as cut-and-dried as all that. Quite a few successful filmmakers have never attended film school—James Cameron, Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino, just to name a few. Is film school really necessary, and does it increase your chances for success? Read More


Is Film School a Good Idea?
Posted: 02/10/2012

If you’re a person who desires to have a career as a film producer or film director, you might be asking the question: is film school a good idea? While it’s certainly important to get some form of education, film schools can be quite expensive, and there are many graduates from those schools who never get their break in film. Add to that the number of successful filmmakers who never even went to film school, and it’s easy to wonder if it would even be worth the time and expense. Read More


Is Film School Necessary to Your Career?
Posted: 02/07/2012

When you look at the cost of film school and the numbers of successful filmmakers who never had formal training, it begs the question: is film school necessary to your career? If people like Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron and David Fincher found success without going to film school, couldn’t you do the same? And when you consider the fact that many film school graduates never get their break at all—is film school even an investment worth making if it doesn’t really help you launch your career? Read More


How Los Angeles Film Schools Won’t Help You
Posted: 02/04/2012

Los Angeles film schools may be geographically close to the Hollywood film industry, but that doesn’t mean they are connected to the film industry. The film business is rather a closed system, one in which you need network connections in order to get hired. In most film schools, the only connections you’ll likely make are with other un-connected film students, and some full-time teachers who don’t work in the film industry. This is true whether the school is 10 miles or 10,000 miles from Hollywood. Read More


Why Does Film School Cost So Much?
Posted: 02/01/2012

If you’ve considered going to film school to become a filmmaker, you probably already know that one of your biggest hurdles is the film school cost. Earning a college degree in film at a college or university can easily cost as much as $100,000 or more, and even career-focused trade school programs can run anywhere from $20,000-$70,000 to attend. Why is film school so expensive—and even more importantly, is it worth the cost? Read More


Straight Talk About the Best Film Schools
Posted: 01/09/2012

The best film school on a certain list is not necessarily the best film school for you. You should always be sure that a school can actually help propel you toward your ultimate goal: to be a successful filmmaker. Otherwise, you’re throwing away your money, no matter how highly ranked the film school happens to be.  That being said—let’s debunk a couple of common misconceptions about film schools in general, and which one(s) are necessarily the best. Read More


Film Schools: Are They Worth the Money?
Posted: 01/08/2012

First of all, let’s begin with the understanding that you do need an education in film, whether or not you actually get that education in a film school. No one’s going to care where, or if, you went to school as long as you can prove you know what you’re doing. The problem is, you also need a couple of other things besides an education: you need to log some real-world experience, and you need some connections within the industry itself. Read More


How Important Is Filmmaking School? A Practical Approach
Posted: 01/07/2012

Consider such famous filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Christopher Nolan, and David Fincher. What do these and many others like them share in common? None of them went to film school. It’s true. Every one of them achieved success without going through a formal filmmaking program. This can only mean that going to film school is (at the very least) not a prerequisite for success in the film industry. Read More


Why Do I Need to Go to Film School?
Posted: 01/06/2012

If you’re thinking of filmmaking as a career, you might be wondering about film school. If you’ve done any studying on your own, it’s possible that you’ve noticed that there are a lot of successful filmmakers who didn’t actually attend film school—directors like Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Christopher Nolan and others. As expensive as film programs can get, you might be wondering why you even need to go to film school. Read More


Deciding on a Film School in Los Angeles
Posted: 01/05/2012

Are you a film student trying to decide on a film school in Los Angeles? If you are, you already know it’s no easy task. There are probably more film education opportunities in Los Angeles than anywhere else in the world. However, not all film schools are alike, and the best school is not necessarily the most expensive one. How do you narrow it down to the one film school that is best for you? Read More


Do I Need to Go to Film Directing School?
Posted: 01/04/2012

If you’re dreaming of becoming a famous film director someday, you might naturally assume that you need to go to film directing school. After all, conventional wisdom says that if you want to train for a profession, you should go to school for it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it’s just how our culture thinks. And of course, there are some professions for which schooling is an absolute necessity (medicine and law, for example). Read More


Which Filmmaking Schools Are the Best?
Posted: 01/03/2012

It’s very common for new filmmakers (or those interested in film careers) to want to attend the best filmmaking schools in pursuit of their dream. The big question, though, is: which are actually the best? What makes one film school better than the others: equipment, learning methods, price? And is a highly-rated film school necessarily the best school for you? Read More


How Film School Fits Into Your Plan
Posted: 01/03/2012

Thinking about attending film school in pursuit of your dream of becoming a film director, producer, or editor? If you are, you probably already know that film schools can be very expensive to attend, and some of the more well-known schools often are difficult to get into. If you don’t have the money, or can’t get accepted, are you out of luck? Just how important is film school to your career plans? Read More


How Filmmaking School Can Help or Hurt You
Posted: 01/02/2012

If you manage to get accepted in one of these schools, however, there are some things you ought to know before signing on the dotted line and spending all that money. You need to keep a proper perspective when it comes to your film education, and you need to recognize that no matter how prestigious the school might be, attending it is no guarantee of success in the film industry. Read More


Which Los Angeles Film School Is Right for Me?
Posted: 11/18/2011

There are a number of obvious factors you’ll need to consider, such as cost, number of openings, and the intensity of the training. However, one other thing you need to consider is the balance the school provides between quality of education and accessibility to the industry itself. No matter how comprehensive the film program, it does you little to no good if you have no industry connections when you graduate. Read More


Los Angeles Film School Costs
Posted: 11/18/2011

Some prospective filmmakers choose to go to a traditional film school such as that offered by the University of Southern California; The School of Cinematic Art. Traditional film schools like this can be costly however, so before you apply you should be made aware of the associated costs. On top of the tuition, there are mandatory fees that are incurred as with any university. Read More


Do You Need a Los Angeles Film School?
Posted: 11/18/2011

Those who dream of becoming a film director, film editor, film producer or professional screenwriter may be wondering whether they need to attend a Los Angeles film school. After all, Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood, the undisputed center of the film industry. Doesn’t it make sense that film schools near Hollywood could offer more opportunities than film schools in other places? Read More


What are Some of the Places Where You Can Learn to be a Filmmaker?
Posted: 11/18/2011

So where do you find a film school? If you live in Los Angeles, you can probable swing a stuffed cat and find several. Suppose you don’t live anywhere near Hollywood? What then? Let your fingers do the walking through the internet search engines. Read More


Are All Film Schools Alike?
Posted: 11/18/2011

However, there is a characteristic that most film schools share in common, a foundational flaw in their approach that has proven to be an obstacle for many aspiring filmmakers—and that flaw is that traditional trains its students is in an isolated environment away from the “real world.” While this does not prove to be an issue with certain professional fields, it does pose a problem for filmmakers, because it essentially robs film students of the opportunity to make industry connections… Read More


Los Angeles Film Schools
Posted: 11/18/2011

The film industry is a great industry to work in! No matter what the economic times are like, movies have always done well. However, getting into the industry is very difficult. Only the best get the top positions. With millions of people all over the world applying for these jobs, one must do something to make themselves stand out from the crowd. The crowd of people clamoring for jobs in production and direction, as well as other spots in the movie industry is large. That is why… Read More


Top Film School Reviews
Posted: 11/18/2011

If you have been reading through the many top film school reviews, you may have noticed a running trend in the feedback. It seems like every film school graduate finds it impossible to turn their overly expensive education into real career opportunities. The reason is that they did not invest their time and money wisely – if they had, they would have all the hands-on training and work experience they need to get started in the industry. Read More


Film School for a Set Dresser?
Posted: 11/09/2011

A set dresser typically works to design, construct, and maintain sets for shooting film productions. Set dressers are usually part of a film crew and will work with other set crew members and concept artists to create a final set that matches the vision of other artists and the film’s director. Since construction is a major aspect of set dressing, many set dressers have a background in construction or education in engineering, design, and interior design or architecture. Read More


The Mentor/Apprentice Learning Approach for Film
Whether you want to learn to be a film producer, or need to learn how to be a recording artist, or are interested in a career in radio, learning from an entertainment professional is the best way for you to learn the profession. Some of the myths include: Mentoring is probably the most frequently used method of sharing knowledge in our society worldwide. Read More


How to Apply for State Financial Aid
When trying to fund your education with financial aid programs, the federal government is not the only resource available; many states also offer various forms of financial aid. The state where your prospective school is located may offer a variety of programs, especially if you are also a resident of the state. Every state is different, with different programs and rules, but here is a general framework for applying for state financial aid.


Choosing College Courses Related to Film
There are, of course, some courses that simply are not altogether important for you as a future editor or director. You should understand how lighting affects a scene, but you do not necessarily need to know about every type of light and how lights physically work. Similarly, you might want to take seemingly unrelated classes to improve your understanding of film, such as acting or writing classes that can help you… Read More


How to Apply for Scholarships
Scholarships are one of the best forms of student financial aid, for two reasons: first, they give you an incentive to do your best; and second, they do not have to be paid back. With careful planning and diligence, some students are able to fund their entire education with scholarships from one or more agencies. Read More


How to Get a Mentor in the Film Industry
Create a sample of your work to show prospective mentors. Whether it’s a screenplay or a short film, having a well-produced sample may secure you a job as an intern or as a production assistant. Keep a copy of your sample on hand, in case you find the right situation to pass it on to a possible mentor. Find filmmakers outside the mainstream who produce television-movies or… Read More


College Film Courses
Upon beginning college, students are usually given an advisor. This person will help them figure out their schedule, and determine what courses to take. For some, remedial classes in math may be necessary. The courses you take in college will depend upon the type of degree you are seeking. Depending also on the type of school you attend, the courses may take place in a classroom, a lecture hall, or increasingly, online. Read More


Making Film School Work for You
Film school can provide opportunities. Opportunities to use good equipment. Opportunities to learn from qualified instructors. Opportunities to make explorative films to develop your talent and to collaborate with fellow students along the way. Whether or not a student chooses to make the most of these opportunities is entirely up to them. Read More


Benefits and Drawbacks of Colleges
It is generally assumed that going to college is the best pathway to a lucrative and rewarding career—and there is no doubt that a college education is at beneficial in most cases. At the same time, while we wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from getting an education, the actual benefit derived from going to college differs from person to person, depending on both the school and the career choice. Here are some of the benefits of colleges, and some of the drawbacks. Read More


What Film Schools Really Cost Beyond the Tuition
What film schools really cost above the tuition that they typically advertise to prospective students may come as something of a surprise to most students. While there is not necessarily a concentrated effort on the part of most film schools to deceive students, it simply comes down to an effort made in order to make film school seem as attractive as possible. Some of these expenses will also depend a great deal upon the situation of a student looking to attend film school and the area in which the film school itself in located. Read More


Acting School
If you’re considering attending acting school, you’ll find that there are many options out there. Many traditional colleges offer majors in theater, and there are graduate programs in acting, as well. In addition, film schools and conservatories can provide excellent training for the up-and-coming actor. And then there are weekly acting courses that can be attended on an ongoing basis. So which acting school is right for you? Read More


The Best Place to Learn the History of Film
One of the key ingredients in the success of the modern or post-modern film maker is that he or she has a familiarity with the history of film, and when considering film school, you must ask yourself is film school the best place to learn the history of film? In order to make the best movies, a filmmaker must be able to draw upon images, themes, storylines and visual tones from movies that have been made from locations and by cultures around the globe…Read More


People Who Have Film Degrees


The truth about the Hollywood film industry is that people who have film degrees find it very difficult to find a job in the future. Having a degree in film does not mean that executives will hire you. In fact, in the movie industry, diplomas are not regarded as highly as they used to be, and students who have wasted their time in film school are usually looked down upon…Read More


Best University Film Program


Sometimes, even the best university film program will not get you the Hollywood job you dream of. Currently, students who go to film school find themselves at a disadvantage because film school does not do an adequate job at teaching students how to actually go about receiving jobs in the future. Truthfully, the film industry hires those who are capable at networkers and are very original and creative people…Read More


Can College Courses Help me Learn Filmmaking?


Young (or old) aspiring filmmakers today are often faced with a dilemma: how to refine their skills and launch into a filmmaking career without wasting time and effort, and without breaking the bank. The most reputable film schools often have a wait list or are very selective—and the cost can be enormous. Additionally, many students complete film school only to find themselves still struggling to find a niche in the industry…Read More


College Courses in Film


College courses can be ideal when it comes to learning academic subjects like philosophy, English lit or history. They are even very appropriate when it comes to studying professions such as law, medicine or psychology. College courses are a little more dubious in respect to more creative professions like filmmaking…Read More


College Degrees: How Worthwhile Are They?


College can be a dilemma for many students, especially those who are interested in artistic or media entertainment careers. First, college is a sizable drain on expenses, and often creates loans that last for years afterward. Second, college takes a lot of time–four years, of course, for a standard degree, but at least two years to complete most programs. On the other hand, colleges also provide important training and give you a chance to earn a degree…Read More


Film College Courses


Most famous directors in Hollywood never took film college courses. To work in the film industry, you do not necessarily have to graduate with a diploma, or spend four years in a difficult college and university learning about film. In fact, most of Hollywood looks down on those who complete colleges, because having experience and connections matters a lot more for those looking to get a job…Read More


Film School Courses


Many people looking to break into the film industry are considering taking film school courses so they can get their degree in order to get a job in the film industry. Well, the film industry is very difficult to break into for anyone because of all of the competition. There are so many applicants for every single job that executives prefer to hire people they already know, or people that come recommended…Read More


Film School Degree


Going through film school and receiving a film school degree may not be the best decision for those who want to work in the film industry in the future. Diplomas and names of schools do not matter to anyone in the film industry. A formal education does nothing for future directors, producers, and cinematographers. Creativity, and the ability to market yourself is what you really need to succeed in the film industry…Read More


Film School Projects: How to Deal with Film Projects in College


If you are going to college to study film–nearly any aspect of film–then you are doubtless very familiar with film projects. These projects (as professors like to remind their students) are very important on several levels. Not only do they teach you valuable skills needed for your career, they also provide you will great material for your resume. However, film managers and others in charge of employment are usually less than impressed with film school projects…Read More


Finding a Niche as a Film Director


Most everyone who dreams of working in the film business will at one time or another, imagine themselves as some kind of big time director. They can just picture themselves clad in a black leather jacket, cappuccino in hand, looking through a viewfinder and calling out instructions to an anxious set full of actors and crew members, hanging on their every word…Read More


How Films Get Made


As I sit writing this from my office in downtown Los Angeles I am looking out the window onto a large film production. Actually it’s probably television as downtown L.A. is where they shoot most of the TV cop shows that take place in New York. Castle, CSI, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, any of the big network NYC crime dramas, they’re all shot around here…Read More


Making a Short Film


Even if you dream of creating the biggest blockbusters the world has ever seen, first you are going to have to find someone to pay for it, and making a short film can be an excellent way to create a calling card to show to potential buyers and investors. Making a short film can be done on a micro budget. Some short filmmakers buy equipment on credit, treat it with care so that no damage comes to it, and then simply return it to the store for full refund when the short is complete…Read More

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