Why Film Connection?

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Why Film Connection?

What We Do

The Film Connection is an Employer Trained Alternative to overpriced and ineffective filmmaking schools. We combine the best aspects of formal schooling with on-the-job training to provide you with the kind of real-world experience that employers desire. To find out more, call 800-755-7597 or Apply Now.

Our three Industry-wide extern programs are:

Film. Film and Video Production Apprentice positions to train for and become a Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, and Digital Editor as well as Computer Animation, Special Effects and other film and television positions.

Film. Film Studio and Record Company Apprentice Positions to train to become a Film Engineer or Film Producer.

Broadcasting. Radio and Television Broadcast Apprentice positions to train for On-Air or On Camera positions as a DJ, News Anchor or Reporter, Talk Show Host, Sportscaster or Voice-Over Personality.

Here’s how the Film Connection works: We connect local Film Production companies — who have a need to hire beginners — with an aspiring talented extern, presumably you! Get your film career started today!

Tried and True Method

Our extern method of training is a throwback to the old Renaissance period. In the 12th century, if you wanted to be an artist, you didn’t go to school — you went to work for an established master artist. Moreover, you were not paid for your labor. In fact, you paid for the privilege of working for free. Back then, people stood in line to extern with the right master — and they still do!

By following this same Renaissance externship method during the last 30 years, we have secured jobs for over 11,349 beginners in Film Studios, Record Companies, Radio/TV Stations and Film and Video Production Studios, worldwide.

Why Our Film School Works


The extern method helps abolish that old Catch-22: “You can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.”

We also recognize that it’s not only what you know, it’s also very much who you know. “Who you know” is the unquestioned overwhelming influencing factor in employment.

Our guarantee is simple: You are ten times more likely to be employed through this training program than through any other — no matter how much you pay elsewhere. We’re not bragging. It’s not that we’re so wonderful, it’s that real-world, on-the-job training is so effective!

Who Trains You

If accepted into the Film Connection program, you will receive a course curriculum that far surpasses anything you would receive at a traditional film school. To learn more about our course curriculum please fill out a free online application, and one of our film school alternative admissions counselors will get back to you within two days. The other difference — and it’s a big difference — is that your instructor in our film school alternative will not be some burned-out college professor who teaches because he can’t “do,” but a real-life professional film maker. The same person who can either one day hire you, or get you hired!

The inevitable employment through our film school program is in large part due to the fact that the training is always done one-on-one. One filmmaking student, to one instructor or mentor.

In this case, your mentor is a head of a film production company, a film director, a film producer, a film editor, assistant director, line producer, script supervisor, sound person, special effects artist, or production coordinator, just to name a few. Apply now and let us know what field you want to specialize in.

Your mentor is the same person who from time to time has to hire beginners, and dreads the day when he will have to sort through resumes of college graduates who haven’t a clue what the business is really all about.

Think about it from the mentor’s side: How much better to hire your own private student extern, whom you have personally groomed and taught on-the-job in the real world?

Why Our Film School Alternative Costs Less

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Traditional film school tuition for these very desirable professions runs anywhere from US $15,000 to US $80,000.00. Colleges and universities are even more expensive. In addition, you often have to move to another area, which involves travel costs, housing, etc.

The reason the Film Connection’s film school alternative is so comparatively inexpensive is that the studio, building and all that equipment is already there. The only cost is for your instructor and text material.

Fifty percent of the tuition goes directly to your instructor. Additional fees are given to your instructor as a bonus once you become employed, either by them or by another studio or station. So your instructor has a definite financial interest in your employment.

However, they won’t accept you in the first place if they don’t think they can employ you. It’s as simple as that!

Not For Everyone

The very nature of the on-the-job training process requires that students are selected based on employment standards, rather than school admissions standards. In short, we’re looking for people who can become good, reliable employees. No previous experience is required. What is important is the same thing any employer looks for: attitude, motivation, dedication, and punctuality.

There is no age limit for our program. The youngest was 14, and the oldest so far has been 72. A great number are baby boomers who finally got the courage to do what they wanted to do all their lives.

Acceptance is by invitation only and will be decided after you interview at a major film production company with a major film professional in your area.

Working Around YOUR Schedule

Film Connection mentor explaining scene to students
If accepted into the program, your training will usually take place during off-hours, evenings and weekends. You’ll probably have to keep your day job to pay the rent, at least at first.

Because these extern programs are literally one-on-one, they can accommodate any schedule. No matter what your schedule might be, you can fit this in. It might take you longer to finish, but it can definitely be done. So you can’t use that old excuse that you don’t have the time to do what you have always wanted to do. Think of taking private piano lessons–it’s the same concept.

What Do You Have To Lose?

If you’re ready to take the next step, fill out the online application to see if we have any openings in studios in your area at this time. There is no cost or obligation to arrange a personal interview with a film/video production company in your city, or surrounding area.

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