Film Producing

The Film Connection producing school alternative is an innovative and effective eight-month program that delivers first-hand practical job experience working on movie sets and productions under the mentorship of working producers. Not only will you learn valuable lessons from your mentors, but you’ll also pick up tricks of the trade that you would never learn from a conventional film school. All this can be obtained for less tuition than many ordinary film schools.

If we accept you into the Film Connection Producing School alternative (and not everyone is accepted), you will be matched with your mentor–a real film producer who is active in the business. Your mentor will train you one-on-one as you help produce their real-world film and video projects. No classroom-based course can come close to exposing you to the excitement, the energy, and the real-world situations that come with working on actual film and video projects.



The Film Connection Producing Program is designed to teach you decision-making, under impossible conditions and stressful situations: in other words, the life of the Producer. It should be clear that no college teacher can re-create this real-world atmosphere inside a classroom, which is why the Film Connection employs the mentor/ extern method of training.


“Film Connection is a great alternative to traditional film school, which concentrates mostly on theory and the mechanics of production. The film business to me is more much about connections and hands on experience. I share with young producers and directors what it really takes to get an idea to screen, then what you do once your film is shot. Understanding financing, marketing, and sales is key to getting your movie seen and being able to build a career in this very competitive marketplace. I wish I would have had something like this program.”

Aimee Schoof
Intrinsic Value Films/Red Giant Media
Producer of over 30 films including “The Alphabet Killer”, “The 36”, and “The Attic”, “The Skeptic”



In general, the film producer oversees the entire film production. He/she literally acts as the supervisor to the various departments involved in the project and is the hands-on person in charge of the budget. These duties require a combination of high caliber people skills, negotiating ability, talent spotting and business acumen. Often, the film producer evolves into the position, having been battle-trained and seasoned as a line producer, segment producer or associate producer. The Film Connection producer school alternative is designed to put you in front of a real producer, in real production situations, so that you can observe and participate first-hand in the duties and responsibilities of the producer.



You need confidence and a take-charge mentality to make it as a film producer. By definition, your job requires you to deal with a lot of egos and powerful entities, and you have to be up to the task. Can you think on your feet? Are you good at problem solving? Can you convince people to follow your lead? Are you ready to meet some of our graduates and read for yourself how our unique program works?


Ever since I can remember, my passion has been filmmaking. Upon graduation from high school, I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend the Film Connection film school to me. During my training in their school alternative, I was able to experience, first hand, working on real film sets on a couple of feature films. While I found all aspects of the film industry fascinating, it was producing that most intrigued me. Thanks to the Film Connection, I was able to switch goals in mid-stream and got assigned a new mentor who was a working producer in Hollywood. Since I graduated from Film Connection, I have been able to work on a regular basis, thanks to the film business connections and contacts I made while attending their industry alternative to film school.


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Film Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

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