How it Works

STEP ONE:APPLY TO THE RIGHT FOR FREE – it takes only a few minutes and there is no charge.

STEP TWOSPEAK WITH ONE OF OUR ADMISSIONS COUNSELORS – we will speak to you about our film school in great detail.

STEP THREETAKE A TOUR AND MEET YOUR MENTOR – for no charge we will set up an orientation meeting for you at a local film production company, near you.

STEP FOURGET ACCEPTED — if the mentor at the production in your city likes your work ethic and you are ready to begin,


As a Film Connection film student, you will learn by doing as an apprentice (extern) inside a real life film production company in your city starting off two times per week.

On Days 3 and 4 of that same week, you will study with your mentor, who will be working with you to help you develop your dream movie idea. First, we will help you get to work on your pitch. A pitch is a verbal telling of your movie idea in 10 minutes or less. Pitching is a great art that takes months and months of practice, and you will be learning this art from proven Hollywood screenwriters who have sold their screenplays from first-rate pitches. Every major movie that has ever been made started with a pitch, and we will teach you how to deliver a first-rate one as a professional.

So, all told, you go to school 2 days a week as an apprentice (extern) and 2 additional days as a student at home, or 4 days total, for 8 months.

At the end of the 8-month process, you will receive a certificate of completion and all of the following (if you have completed all of your assignments):

–Your screenplay will be done.

That’s right: you will have written a 90-120 page draft of your masterpiece. To be a successful filmmaker, you need not only a solid idea, but an executed idea in the form of a screenplay. Screenwriting is a great art, and almost all great movies start with a great pitch and then an executed screenplay.

–Your pitch will be ready to be delivered to a Hollywood Producer.

You will have practiced and performed your pitch hundreds of times; you are now ready to perform it in Los Angeles, to a producer who has the power to get your movie made. Does this mean that it WILL get made? Of course not. No. We are a film school that is connecting you, not a scam that is selling you a bill of goods. But ask yourself: what other film school flies you out to L.A. and puts you in the room with a real life movie producer? ANSWER: None of them do.

If your pitch is good and the producer sees potential, maybe he will help you get it made. If not, then you will continue pitching to other producers. You will build upon what you learned at the Film Connection and do what all successful people do: try again.

–You will have completed over 120 hours of on set film experience as an apprentice (extern).

We place you inside a real production company in your city. This is important for a variety of reasons. You must learn the technical aspect of real-world filmmaking, and the best way to learn filmmaking is by working in a real film production company and on real sets. This “behind the scenes” on-the-job training experience will be essential to finding paid work after your schooling with us is complete. We will teach every aspect of the filmmaking process so if you don’t sell you movie idea in L.A., you can either stay in L.A. or go to any city with viable skills to find work in an entry-level job on real film sets. With what we are teaching you as an apprentice (extern), you will be able to walk on to any set and find entry-level work as a production assistant with the eventual goal of becoming a production coordinator, casting agent, grip, electric, best boy, gaffer, cameraman, location scout, sound tech., editor, cinematographer, art director, production designer, wardrobe and more.

Your first goal is to sell your idea as a writer-director or as a director, but you’ll also have a back-up plan to work behind the scenes if you don’t sell your idea the first time out. It’s called having a “Plan B,” and it’s the only way to protect yourself so you don’t have to go back to waiting tables or working at Starbucks upon graduation. (No offense, Starbucks).

–We will enroll you in our Job Placement program.

When you graduate, we will help you to try and find behind-the-scenes work, either here in Los Angeles, or back at home or if you want, in any city in the nation. You can still work in the film business while you continue trying to sell your movie idea that you developed as a directing student.

–Real world connections.

You will have real-world connections in your city and in Los Angeles. Think about it. With us, your teachers are working filmmakers both in your city and in Los Angeles. Other film schools use instructors. If they are instructors at a film school, they are most likely not filmmakers working in the business. We don’t roll that way. At the Film Connection, all of our teachers are working in the business now, today. They are part time teachers because they love it. They love mentoring as much as they love making films. It’s a match made in heaven.

–20 lessons course curriculum

Click here to view our curriculum. This is what you will be learning at a pace of one lesson per week at about four times per week. Part time, nights and weekends are available. We can work around your day job or other commitments.


Every other film school we have seen misses the point. Entirely. Making it in the film business is not about taking a bunch of classes so as to learn the technical aspects of the craft. Hollywood does not care about the short films you make at film school, they don’t care about your degree, they don’t care about how much you know about movies or making them. While learning the technical side of filmmaking and the mechanics of the business is essential, and while it can’t hurt to know a lot about movies like Quentin Tarantino, these things will never, ever, EVER get you a career as a film director or any other career (except for many a teacher or historian). Ever. Did you read that? Did it sink in? We hope so.

Which begs the question: what do real people like you really need in order to make it in the film business as a director, and why don’t other film schools teach just that?

There are 3 things that you will need to make it as a film director:


Do you have a great idea for a great movie? Do you have an idea as great as “Jaws”, or “Pulp Fiction”, “Memento”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “Evil Dead 2″, “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, “Primer”, “Looper”, “The Matrix”, or “Passion of the Christ”? Do you have an idea as powerful as “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, “Sling Blade” or “El Marriachi”? Do you have a great action idea like “Die Hard”? Do you have an amazing idea for a great western like “Unforgiven” or a great drama like “Sideways”, “Shame” or “Black Swan”? Do you have a great comedy idea like “Anchorman” or a good thriller like “Tell No One” or Open Your Eyes”, or a Sci-Fi idea like “Star Wars”?

If no, we can help you develop one; if yes, we can teach you how to pitch and sell your idea to the people who can get you the money to make your movie. We can and will put you in the room with a credible Hollywood producer and give you your big chance. We will teach you how to deliver your competent movie idea with power and intelligence to a real life Hollywood Producer.

The question is: why don’t other film schools offer this same thing?

ANSWER: Because at worst, they are outdated diploma mills, and at best, they are outdated and overpriced dinosaurs whose time has come. ADVANTAGE: FILM CONNECTION.

THE SECOND THING: Who do you know?

This world is filled with people with great ideas, but who know no one. They are not connected. They do not put in the time to develop their business sense. But guess what—like it or not, the film business is just that: a business. To make it in the film business, you must know the right people at the right time. Ask yourself: who do you know? Do you know producers, REAL PRODUCERS WITH CREDIBILITY, to whom you can pitch your idea? You had better, because if you don’t, you will never make it. This cannot be overstated. You must know the people who can get movies made, or you will never succeed. And if you know them, they must look forward to hearing your pitch, and then they MUST be willing to take two hours out of their busy lives to sit down on their weekend and read your screenplay. Please read that again, because it is absolutely ESSENTIAL to your success: if you don’t know producers and financiers who are willing to sit down and read your work, then you will forever be that waiter or bartender with tons of great scripts that no one ever reads.

It is a big-time commitment to listen to a pitch and read a screenplay, which is why it is hard to get a meeting with the right people. Why would they waste their day listening to terrible ideas delivered by amateurs when they could progress their own careers by listening to smart filmmakers with powerful ideas? Even more challenging, why would they listen to even good ideas from unknowns when they can hear good ideas from proven entities they can trust?

You must know the right people at the right time to get your movie made.

The next question is: why don’t the other film schools introduce you to real producers who are meeting you to hear your idea?

ANSWER: Because they are not in the business of helping you get your movie made. They are in the business of charging you a lot of money to learn filmmaking. That is just not good enough anymore. ADVANTAGE: FILM CONNECTION.


We can teach you the craft, and we will. You will take our comprehensive course and learn one-on-one from a professional in your city as you develop your movie idea with Hollywood professionals. You will learn how to:

  • Write and deliver a pitch
  • Write a screenplay that can sell
  • Direct a scene from your movie
  • Create a sizzle reel
  • Direct: block, work with actors, compose a scene, shoot a scene
  • Light and load
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Production Design
  • Budget
  • Produce
  • Cast
  • Scout
  • Line Produce/Schedule


All of the above things are taught by working professionals who are working in the business today—people who have made movies, people who are running successful production companies, filmmakers who love their craft, filmmakers who have made movies that you have heard of. That is far superior to any other film school on the planet. As for talent, well, no one can teach that. Not us, and not Martin Scorsese or George Clooney or Tarantino or anybody else. You either have a knack for filmmaking, or you don’t.

The next question is this: why would you get yourself 50 thousand dollars in debt or more to some other film school to see if maybe you can make it in a business that absolutely requires you to have a great idea and connections, the two things those other film schools absolutely do NOT offer?

ANSWER: If you’re smart, you wouldn’t.