People in the Film Business

Tracie Austin-Peters: British Presenter, host aand narrator for Television and Video living in California

Donovan Boden: a young and talented freelance director currently knee-deep in the Toronto advertising scene

Paul Ego: New Zealand¹s tallest comedian, and a respected and popular MC, improviser and feature act comedian, delivering to the NZ public and corporate markets a style of comedy with international appeal

Mark Grant: an actor, writer, producer whose credits include movies (The Karate Kid, A Stranger's Kiss), TV (Law & Order) and a screenplay (Living On Empty, a crime thriller set in New Hampshire)

Hollywood Voice Over: voiceover artist D.C. Douglas, 20 year Hollywood pro, delivers voice over via ISDN/MP3 worldwide for commercial, narration, promo and more. Great rates, free auditions!

Mike Loder: a feature comedian based in Auckland, New Zealand and a regular on the stand up scene. He is experienced in venues of all sizes and gatherings of all types from theatres to ships


Alex Morrison: award-winning midwestern filmmaker with particular interest in social or environmental issues. Wide variety of experiences including traditional and digital filmmaking and photography

Carol Stewart: artist, writer, photographer and "wanna-be" actor. Drop by this eclectic site to read poetry and novel blurbs, view art and travel to other places

A Screenwriter's Journal: follow David Adam's screenwriting career as a recently optioned screenplay of his goes through hellish re-writes on its way to filming!

Two Voices: explore, read the articles, view the awards, and listen to the work of Garrett Brown and Anne Winn

Dr. J. Emmett Winn: visiting assistant professor for the Department of Communication Radio, Television and Film faculty at Auburn University

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