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Avid Upgrade On the Way

Avid Technology has announced plans to release Media Composer Version 8.0 and a new model for shipment 2001. The new model, Media Composer On-line, features Avid's next generation Meridien video subsystem and brings uncompressed images to Media Composer systems for the first time.


This new version release will provide:


  • numerous enhancements to the system's online editing capabilities,
  • improved compatibility with other Avid products, and
  • third-party solutions, as well as


The new 8.0 will also include Intraframe II, featuring shape-based color effects, enabling users to create shapes within the Intraframe Editing option and restrict color to specific areas for greater control over elements of an image. Media Composer 8.0 supports QuickTime 3.0.


Editors will soon be able to render using the Avid codec with to compress movies for distribution.



Sherwood Jones
Tapestry Films
Los Angeles, CA

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