What We Do

We’re NOT Your Typical Film School.

We’re the Alternative.

With Us You Get:

  • Real World Situations / Real Opporunities to Learn
  • Real World Experience
  • A Mentor in a Film Company
  • A Structured Course Curriculum in Directing, Producing, Editing or Screenwriting.


What We Do (How Our Film School Alternative Works)

It’s simple really…You take a structured course curriculum in producing, directing, or editing (you choose), while you work your way up the ranks in a film production company in the city where you live. With our course, you will gain insight into what you need to know to work in the film business whether you want to become a “big shot” director, producer, or editor, to a “below the line” film technician.

Our whole purpose at the Film Connection is to provide you with the training, experience and knowledge to make you employable in the film business. Everything we do and our curriculums are based on this mission. With this in mind, we believe the following are the core fundamentals that make the Film Connection film school alternative so special.

  • Experience. No classroom can duplicate the stress, the deadlines or the pressures of working on a real film shoot. If accepted at the Film Connection, you will become an extern at a real production company, working on real film shoots where you’ll learn by doing. This resolves the Catch-22 of how to get a job without experience, but how to get experience without a job!
  • Right Place at The Right Time. Another advantage of having your “classroom” in a real film set or studio is that you are externing under professional producers, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors–all the people who are in a position to find you work in the film industry.
  • It’s Who You Know. Not only can you meet lots of players in the film industry by attending your Film Connection real world “classroom” (a real film set or studio shoot), but since the Film Connection has hundreds of film mentors around the United States, we’re networked in–and so are you.

If you were to take a poll of everyone working in the film industry, you would find that over 92% of people employed in the film business got their first job by just doing it. An even greater percentage of people employed in the film industry would tell you two additional things:

  • Their resume or degree never got them work. Their connections did.
  • Most of what they learned and retained about filmmaking, they learned in the real world, not in traditional film school.

So how do directors and producers get their first job?

Many were in the right place at the right time. Whether you want to be the next Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola, or just want to make a nice living working behind the scenes in the film industry, the Film Connection Film School Alternative is the only program that places you in the real world from day one.

With our film school alternative, you can learn how to be a director, producer, director of photography, editor, screenwriter or other film professional as you make connections in the real world. Think about it: where are you more likely to get hired–in a film school classroom, or on an actual shoot on a real production? While we don’t have the numbers, we think it’s plain common sense–you don’t get jobs in the film business sitting in a classroom. Let’s be frank: if you have a relative named Steven Spielberg, you don’t need us. For the rest of you, the Film Connection is that inside connection that can make all the difference.

The Film Connection film school alternative will hook you up with your own personal mentor, in the skill set and discipline that appeals to you the most, and for approximately six months your mentor will teach you the skills you need, provide you with the experience you must have, and become your “inside man” (or woman) for hooking you up with job openings.

Do You Guarantee Success?

Now, does this guarantee every Film Connection graduate a job? Absolutely not. Let’s reiterate that: the Film Connection does NOT guarantee you a job, and you shouldn’t trust any film school or filmmaking program that does. What we DO guarantee is that we will put you in the right place at the right time with the right skill set. HOWEVER, if you have not impressed your mentor through hard work and commitment, he’s not going to risk his reputation by recommending you for a job opening with one of his industry friends—it’s just not going to happen.

On the flip side; if you’ve spent the last six months impressing your mentor with your attitude, your enthusiasm, and your quest for knowledge and improvement; if you’ve proved yourself invaluable, and have completed our course curriculum, who else is he or she going to recommend for the job? Some film student he doesn’t know, or you, the person he has worked closely with over the last six months? The answer is obvious, but we’ll state it anyway: He’s more likely to hire YOU, his hard working film extern.

As you can see, a lot of your success in this school depends on you. We put you in the perfect position to launch a film career—we put you in the right place at the right time, we give you an introduction to the industry, and we give you all the real world filmmaking experience you need to get started.  The rest is up to you.

The Bottom Line

For over 30 years, the Film Connection has put students in situations and created opportunities for them to learn by doing, gaining them real-world experience that counts for something in the industry–all the while allowing the student a chance to impress the very folks who can offer them jobs in film. In other words, we give our students all the tools they need to succeed and put them in the right place at the right time–and that’s something traditional film schools, even the most expensive and prestigious of them simply cannot accomplish. Take our course curriculum which and get the skills and knowledge you need to know as a director, producer, screenwriter, editor, etc.  Make that award winning first film a reality. Get going on day one by actually doing it in a hands-on manner when you become a working student extern to a pro. Get in there, introduce yourself to the actual working filmmakers who can hire you, maybe even before you graduate, and get going on building that career in months, not years.

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Film Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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