What’s Included

Here’s What’s Included

As a Film Connection student, you can expect all of the following included in your program:

  • You will get your very own mentor who will train you in filmmaking one-on-one in his/her own production studio, location shoots or film sets.
  • You will get our structured course curriculum, a curriculum written by real life film professionals: Directors, Producers, Editors, Cinematographers, etc.
  • You will get all your books included. No hidden fees for books. We even ship them to you for free.  The books include:

                                Film Connection Film Course Curriculum

                                The Writer’s Journey

  • In addition to your regular mentor, you will also have a Student Services Representative assigned to you. Your representative is available to help you with homework, and will be there for you 5 days a week if need be.
  • You will also get your very own website as soon as you sign up, plus 8 months of training on how to use the Internet to market yourself and get work.
  • You will also receive a course curriculum in Internet Marketing and Self-Promotion.
  • You will also be automatically enrolled in our Stay Connected Program. This program helps you to help yourself to find work once you graduate.  You get one year of help, post-graduation, included with your course.