Want To Be A Screenwriter?

Film Connection Will Hook You Up With A Professional Screewriter To Be Your Private Mentor.


The Film Connection Screen Writing School will teach you both the creative and the business sides of the screenwriting process. You will train, one-on-one, under the direct supervision of your mentor, an active screenwriting professional, in private sessions while you work on creating, polishing and marketing your screenplay.


If accepted into our film program, you will be matched with a senior mentor who is a working professional screenwriter, located within 90 minutes of where you live. The screenplay is the initial vision, the guiding light, the starting point of any film project. Just as it is the directors job to transform the screenplay to the big screen, it is up to the screenwriter to capture the original concept and idea in words.



If accepted into our Screenwriting Program you will learn how to be an abalone diver…(just kidding). Naturally, you will learn Screenwriting! Just as the plays of Shakespeare were written in iambic pentameter, the screenplay has its own formatting rules and your Film Connection Screenwriting School mentor will guide you through them. You will learn basic screenwriting structures from the three act play to the hero's journey to the plot point and sequence approaches.


Obviously, to be a success as screenwriter, you need to know how to write. You need to have an ear for dialogue, as much of what is written for the screen is the spoken word. You need to understand how writing for the screen differs from writing for print. (Have you ever noticed how many great books make lousy movies because the screenwriter was unable to capture the book on the screen.) You have to be able to guage how many screen minutes each scene you write will need. You absolutely must know how to write under pressure–as last minute rewrites are the rule, not the exception.

Are you ready to meet some of our mentors and read for yourself how our unique screen writing program works? Well, here's one for starters.


"I went to a good film school, but the day I graduated I had no idea what to do. No one wanted to hand me thousands of dollars to direct or produce anything so I had to figure it out on my own." The Film Connection does the figuring out for you. Learn while you network, I don't understand why more film schools don't adopt this type of program. It makes a ton of sense.”

– Evan Atrowski


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