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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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Your Bowling Green Film School Alternative

Where do you start when you’re trying to break into the film industry? That’s a difficult question to answer, isn’t it?

You have to meet people. You have to know people. It’s a tricky thing, huh?

Well, The Bowling Green Film Connection can introduce you to some people. That’s the Film Connection’s expressed purpose. To get you in the industry and to get you working.

The Film Connection will set you up with a professional screenwriter, an editor, and two mentors. All of these cohorts will assist and guide you through the numerous creative challenges that you’ll face.

By the end of our program you’ll have a feature screenplay, two fully polished scenes, and a trailer for a feature film.

Sounds incredible, right?

What if I told you that after all of that was over we set you up with a meeting to pitch your movie to a real studio executive?

Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say.

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Located in south-central Kentucky, the town of Bowling Green hosts a population of over 55,000 people. Although relatively small in size, this is a fast-growing community, having grown by nearly 15 percent in the past decade, despite the recession. The beauty of the surrounding natural scenery, as well as close proximity to the Appalachians and major cities like Cincinnati and Nashville, make Bowling Green a good spot for location filming. If you want to become a film director, film editor or film producer, Bowling Green can be a surprising alternative to relocation to other areas like New York or L.A.–and FILM CONNECTION can help. 

Bowling Green and surrounding regions have seen location filming for numerous movies, including The Perfect Gift, Stripes, Elizabethtown, Secretariat, The Insider, Demolition Man, and the classic James Bond movie Goldfinger, just to name a few. 

When you enroll in Bowling Green FILM CONNECTION, you will be trained one-on-one by a mentor who is a professional in the film or television industry. In six months, you will graduate with plenty of on-the-job experience as well as vital industry contacts. Over 70 percent of our graduates get hired, often even before finishing their schooling. Come find out what we can do for your career! 

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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