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Can you see yourself walking the red carpet at the premiere of your big movie? We can because we’ve got the tools to make it happen for you! We’re Jackson Film Connection, the only program that offers industry contacts that want to work with you. We teach you on the job, not in a classroom. You’ll get mentors who work in the filmmaking community and can train you to work like the pros. We have a behind the scenes track for anyone looking to learn the technical side of the process. If directing seems more like your style, then our directors track will take you through the entire process alongside mentors in your area and in Los Angeles. You’ll even go to L.A. during the final week to pitch your project to Hollywood decision-makers. Now do you see yourself at your premiere?

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Jackson is the state capital of Mississippi, as well as its largest city, hosting a population of nearly 175,000, and anchoring a metro area of over a half million. Named for Andrew Jackson, the nation's seventh President, the city has historical significance as a strategic location in the Civil War, and later as a major player in the Civil Rights Movement. Jackson is home to several film or television production companies, and with its warm climate and accessibility to the Mississippi River and the Gulf coast,  it serves as a good central hub for location filming. If you're looking at a film career as a director, editor, producer or otherwise, Jackson has plenty of opportunities for you to learn without having to relocate elsewhere. 

Major movies, commercials, TV shows and documentaries are filmed throughout Mississippi regularly, including in and around Jackson.  Some of the movies that have been filmed in these parts include A Time to Kill, Mississippi Burning, O Brother Where Art Thou?, My Dog Skip and Ghosts of Mississippi, just to name a few. Television production is significant in this area, as well; TV series that have done filming in Jackson and vicinity include Murder in Black & White, Lomax: The Hound of Music, and Rescue 911. 

FILM CONNECTION's unique approach to film education involves pairing you with a working film or television professional who acts as your instructor-mentor. You'll gain valuable hands-on experience working on real film and video shoots while making vital industry connections that can lead to permanent industry work. In fact, over 70 percent of our graduates get hired, sometimes even before finishing our program. Check out Jackson FILM CONNECTION and see how we can get your career off the ground. 

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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