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The Film Connection is a global film school. We have locations in virtually every city, on every continent on the globe. The Film Connection is one of the foremost respected cinematic educational institutions currently in operation.

The Film Connection’s brilliant curriculum is distinguished amongst its competition due to the fact that it not only imparts theoretical knowledge to its pupils but also helps them gain real world practical experience.

The Film Connection’s goal is simple. Get you up to speed, and help you gain connections within the industry. We help you get experience by pairing you with a mentor. This mentor will take you on location with them. You’ll be learning and working consecutively. You’ll be gaining experience and honing your knowledgebase simultaneously.

The Film Connection is wherever you need it to be. If you live in New York, New York and you’re looking to get your foot in the door, well, the Film Connection can help you. If you live in Ithaca or Syracuse the Film Connection can still help you. It doesn’t matter where you are the Film Connection takes proximity out of the career equation.

The Film Connection is on the bleeding edge of industry standards and practices. We’re the cutting edge’s cutting edge. We’re the tip of the top. The Film Connection is the only film school in the world, let alone New York, that can enable you to really actualize all of your potential.

The Film Connection is the answer to all your career and education needs.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK is the largest DMA in the U.S. If Los Angeles is the Entertainment Capital of the country, New York is its Media Center. New York radio is legendary, Howard Stern being only the latest in a long litany of DJ Superstars to grace New York airwaves. Network TV, as well as several of the largest Cable Companies including HBO, are run out of New York. This is the only three-newspaper city in America (The New York Times, The New York Post and The New York Daily News). New York also has a long standing love affair with sports, supporting two MLB teams (Yankees and Mets), two NFL teams (Giants and Jets), two NBA teams (Knicks and Nets) and a hockey team (Rangers).

From a corporate, if not artistic standpoint, New York controls the TV and Music businesses. From a sheer largess point of view, New York also dominates the Radio business and is a close rival to Los Angeles in the Film business. IMDB puts the figure at over 11,365 feature films, TV series and specials that chose New York for their location.

Obviously, New York is the Big Apple when it comes to Media. FILM CONNECTION is well represented in New York, providing the hard working New York film and/or TV student a competitive edge when trying to break into the job market. With FILM CONNECTION’s proven track record of two decades of success, it is the ideal alternative to the cost of high priced traditional Film and Broadcast Schools.

Rather than learn theory from a book in a classroom under the supervision of a burnt out professor (a person professing to know a trade), FILM CONNECTION has you learn on real film shoots, in real production companies or TV stations. Instead of working on a class project, FILM CONNECTION has you working, hands-on, under the direct supervision of your personal mentor, on real world projects like feature films, TV series, music videos and commercials.

Does this sound exciting to you? Then follow your dreams and apply to FILM CONNECTION. We’ll get you in the door, provide you with actual job experience, and hook you up with dozens of industry connections. Your mentor will push, prod and motivate you. He will also introduce you around. At the end of our inexpensive six month course, you will be more qualified than your job competition, and you will know dozens of industry contacts whom you met in the course of work/study. It’s no wonder that the majority of New York FILM CONNECTION students receive a job offer from their mentor, or other industry connection, before they graduate. FILM CONNECTION gives you the edge in New York’s highly competitive media market. Check us out, you’ll be glad you did.  No other media school can come close.

Progress Reports

Checking in on our New York Film Students who are learning filmmaking where they live in places like New York City

Sher Lor, New York, NY

My mentor got my foot in the door of the film industry, now I'm working full time on my own doing what I love.

Doug Myer, New York, NY

On Monday we went to Union Station (Worcester, MA) to shoot passengers / extras to board the train. Exterior and interior shots of the train were needed for the project and we were able to fulfill this task with a crunched scheduel. I helped set up lights and reflectors at the station platform (we relied on natural lighting in the train) and I also served as a personal assistant for Mike, taking digital pictures of the production for the purpose of records. I also posed as passenger (for a needed closeup) for the project that was done in the station. On Wednesday a representative from Honey Farms (convienient store chain) came to do voice over for a commercial and left us several products that were needed to be in the commercial such as chip bags bottles of soda, etc. We took digital photos of these products and edited them in photoshop so they would look clear and sharp when they were placed on the timeline for editing. The editing process was completed for the commercial. Yesterday a representative from Rotman's (furniture chain) came in to do voice over for a new commercial. Later in the afternoon Mike had to attend meetings for clients and he assigned me the task of doing freelance shooting with his camera. I used his camera and tripod and shot in various areas outside his house and in the neighborhood. A couple of hours went by and I managed to get dozens and dozens of shots of the camera staying still phographing elements of nature, doing slow and quick pans, and also attempting a Kubrick technique (camera focused on an object and pulling out to a wider portrait). I later experimented with time lapse setting the camera to 12 fps and getting fotage of the moving clouds. When Mike returned we watched the footage that I shot and he was impressed with what I had accomplished. The shooting for my promo was rescheduled for next week.

I really am happy with the Film Connection film program. A corporate company came in regards to shoot a marketing video for their website. I served as a teleprompter for two days on this particular project and I was paid for that job. That's right I am going to class and I also got paid. Then, PBS came in to shoot a commercial and I served as an assistant to the prop-master.. Later on in the week I helped out with editing some corporate projects. I also watched the studio animator work with the program that I'll be using for my project. This program is great in that it puts you in the real world so you get to get apprentice on real projects and make real contacts as you learn.

Stella Sensel, New York, NY

We're in pre-production for a commercial.

James Federle, New York, NY

I got to take a camera out to central park and then learned how to edit the same video I just shot in a professional studio.

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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