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Your Norwalk Film School Alternative

A less expensive alternative to high-cost traditional film programs in the big cities? That’s right, we’re Norwalk Film Connection. We’re the only program that puts you in the middle of real-world filmmaking opportunities to learn first hand what it takes to make it in the business. You can choose the 6-month behind the scenes track that partners you up with local filmmakers as your mentors. Or, if directing’s your thing, choose our 8-month track that also gives you a bunch of mentors who will not only help make your film, but also help hone your pitch before you fly out to L.A. and pitch that idea before an executive who regularly gives the go-ahead on Hollywood projects. Your traditional film school offers a fraction of this opportunity at ridiculously high prices!

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Located on the northern shores of Long Island Sound, Norwalk, Connecticut is part of the northern suburbs of the New York metropolitan area, a little over an hour’s drive from the Big Apple itself. While fairly small in itself (with a population just over 85,000 people), Norwalk’s picturesque suburban vibe has proven to be a popular backdrop for plenty of on-location filming, with a regular inflow of film, TV and commercial projects coming here to shoot. Some of the more famous films shot in Norwalk include Righteous Kill, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Revolutionary Road, Stepford Wives (both the 1975 and 2004 versions), and The Object of My Affection, just to name a few.

Norwalk’s ongoing film activity makes it a great connection point for film students and filmmaking professionals, and its proximity to New York City makes it an excellent alternative learning environment while remaining close to a major filmmaking hub. Whether your interest is in producing, directing, production design, editing or post-production, plenty of real-world learning opportunities await in Norwalk–and FILM CONNECTION can place you in the heart of the action where other film schools cannot.

Our innovative mentor-apprentice (extern) approach makes it possible for you to learn filmmaking one-on-one from a working industry professional, gaining valuable hands-on experience on real film shoots and making industry connections as you go. Our learning method has enabled over 70 percent of our students to get hired in the film industry. You won’t find a learning opportunity like this anywhere else. Enroll in our Norwalk film school today, and let us get you on the set!

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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